Academic Advisement

What is advisement?
Advisement is the process in which students meet with an Academic Advisor for assistance with selecting classes required by their Major, understanding course descriptions, understanding Major requirements, registration assistance, etc.

What is the role of an Academic Advisor?
Academic Advisors are an important part of your educational experience at Alabama State University from day one to the end of your educational career. ASU Academic Advisors are dedicated to student’s educational, personal and professional development and are also committed to providing high quality academic support services to our students. Our overall goal is to assist students in achieving excellent academic success. Thus, it is important to get to know your Academic Advisors and meet with them often (at least 2-3 times each semester).

Who is my Advisor?
First year students, Undeclared students and Transfer students (with less than 15 earned hours) can find their Academic Advisor in the Academic Advisement and Resource Center located in Patterson Hall, Room 228.


If you have been contacted by a Major College, you will find your Academic Advisor housed there.

If you are a Transfer student with more than 15 earned credit hours, you will find your Academic Advisor housed in your Major College.

What services are provided by Academic Advisors?
Academic guidance in selecting appropriate courses required for your MAJOR
Academic guidance in understanding graduation requirements
Individual advising and counseling sessions (except for Fall 2019…these schedules are pre-generated).
Assistance with HORNETSWEB registration
Accurate and updated information regarding University policies and procedures
Consistent monitoring of academic progress
Referrals for tutoring and information about other campus resources
Assistance with dropping and adding courses
Assistance with selecting majors and changing majors
Assistance with career exploration (in collaboration with Career Services)

How often do I meet with my Academic Advisor?

At least once a month or as recommended by your Academic Advisor.

 You can also call, email or set up an appointment for additional services (except for advisement).

**Students must always meet in person with an Academic Advisor for advisement

Students are always welcome to visit their Academic Advisor as needed!

Summer 2019  and FALL 2019 schedules will be distributed at Orientation 2019!



To learn more about Academic Advisement, browse the following links:

First-Year Freshmen and Transfer Students Class Schedule Information


If you decide not to attend Alabama State University, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the Office of Records and Registration (334.229.4243) by August 14, 2019 to officially cancel your courses.

Not cancelling your enrollment at ASU may affect your registration and financial aide at another institution.


Please contact Ms. Carolyn A. Stevens at 334-229-4149 for additional assistance.