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Welcome to the Office of Planning, Assessment, & Evaluation

The Office of Planning, Assessment, & Evaluation manages the campus-wide Continuous Improvement process.  While assessment and continuous improvement go hand in hand, assessment provides the data we need to determine strengths and weaknesses that affect student learning.  As we celebrate our successes, we also strategize how to improve in areas where needed.  

Assessment communicates areas needing accountability within the campus, yet assessment also places emphasis on "closing the loop" for accreditation purposes and essentially, addressing "continuous improvement."


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Overview of Assessment


Focus 30 Strategic Plan


Assessment Staff


Continuous Improvement


Continuous Improvement Process & Models


Continuous Improvement Forms: Calendar, Rubric, SLO/Mapping, and Plan/Report


Assessment Support Services:  Consultations, Coaching Sessions, and Training


Assessment Resources:  Forms, Staff...


Continuous Improvement Newsletter  


To contact the Office of Planning, Assessment, & Evaluation, please email or call (334) 604-9153.