Division of Technology Services and Innovation

The Alabama State University Vice President of Technology Services and Innovation is charged with providing executive leadership and vision for the strategic development and management of information, information resources and technology to support achievement of the Alabama State University (ASU) missions, strategic goals, and program priorities. The VP of Technology Services and Innovation establishes and maintains trust relationships to benefit IT at Alabama State University and represents ASU's IT needs at the executive level.

User Services

The User Services Support team supports technology and its use in the workplace through a tiered support model. At the tier one level, first response to customer reported issues and requests for service is provided by the Service Desk and the Walk-In Center. Second tier technical support is provided by the Desktop Support Technicians. Primary technologies supported include: desktops, laptops, MS Office productivity suite, printing, and software installation, access to networked or web-based systems.

User Services is also responsible for developing and maintaining the customer-facing presence of the Technology Services division.

Services include:

  • Developing and maintaining the IT web presence
  • Representing IT during new student, staff, and faculty orientation
  • Authoring and delivering awareness material and events for customers
  • Overseeing editing of customer-facing technical documentation

Service Desk / Call Center

The first point of contact to request IT services or report issues is the Service Desk. The Call Center receives; resolves and routes reported technology issues and service requests from faculty, staff and students. The Service Desk may be contacted by phone at 334-229-4560, via the Service Desk Portal  or by entering a request via email at ots@alasu.edu.

Desktop Support

Desktop Support provides second tier, remote or on-site technical consultation and support for workplace computer systems and related peripherals. All service requests for the Desktop Support group are routed through the OTS Service Desk either by phone (334-229-4560), by entering a ticket online at service.alasu.edu or by emailing the Service Desk ots@alasu.edu.


The telecommunication team is responsible for the campus VoIP, digital and analog phone service. This part of the User Services team is responsible for initiating service, making changes, troubleshooting, customer support and billing for telephony-based services. This team also provides operator services for the University. There is also a published Campus Directory to assist callers with contacting individuals and departments on campus.

Services include:

  • VOIP phone service
  • Digital and analog phone service
  • Voicemail management
  • Diagnose and repair phone service issues
  • Provide end user support for phone service and functions
  • Provide billing and answer billing inquiries for campus customers
  • Automated and live routing of all incoming university calls

Walk-In Center

Walk-up technical support for ASU-owned computers is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Services include:

  • Troubleshooting
  • PC repair
  • Account and software configuration
  • Price quotes for new systems

The Walk – In Center is located in William Hooper Councill Hall, Room 315.  

Enterprise Network and Systems 

Our Enterprise Systems & Network (ESN) group enables and facilitates the management of information at ASU by developing, implementing, supporting, and maintaining systems here on campus. These systems allow us to automate processes, report information, and achieve desired user-defined results. The networking team is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of all network infrastructures on campus and telecommunication services.

Services include:

  • Wired network connectivity
  • Wireless network connectivity
  • Private secure networks
  • Secure remote access services
  • Off campus building connectivity
  • Voice over IP (VOIP) connectivity
  • Network administration, monitoring, diagnosis and repair

ESN is responsible for the design, implementation and administration of campus enterprise database systems (Oracle and PeopleSoft), hosted MS SQL database instances and database backup and recovery.  The Network Technicians are responsible for the deployment and maintenance of the campus network copper, fiber and telephone cable plant. The ESN team is also responsible for all network and data centers including installation. This includes the physical maintenance of network and server equipment on campus and diagnosis and repair of connectivity issues.

Services include:

  • Network and phone jack installation, activation and troubleshooting
  • Fiber termination, diagnosis and repair
  •  Network closet equipment and cabling installation and maintenance
  • Data center equipment and cabling installation and maintenance

The Servers Infrastructure team is responsible for designing, implementing, and administering all campus infrastructure in support of desktop and server computing.

Services include:

  • Hosted virtual servers
  • Hosted physical servers
  • Server administration and maintenance
  • SAN storage for hosted servers
  • Storage administration and maintenance
  • Campus standard builds for Windows workstations
  • Automated operating system installation for servers and desktops
  • Automated software installation for Windows workstations
  • Software packaging for automated installation
  • Software license server installation and administration
  • Tier 3 diagnosis and support for desktop and server system

Business Services 

The Business Services group works closely with the university staff members, as well as with various constituencies from across the campus to provide management and oversight of all technical and functional support activities for the PeopleSoft ERP system for Finance, Financial Aid, Contributor Relations, Student, and HR/Payroll. The Business Services unit provides problem resolution, analysis and specifications for Peoplesoft software modifications, business process review and general technical assistance. They provide support in the areas of business process review and re-engineering, data conversion and upgrade testing, end-user optimization, report writing and patch management.    

Business Services also develops applications unique to ASU and provides technical support and training for the campus’ web presence infrastructure. This includes custom portals in support of the PeopleSoft application.

Other key Business Services functions include Application Security Administration for:

  • PeopleSoft
  • BankMobile
  • Adirondack

Business Services provides technical support and maintenance for PeopleSoft and other large administrative systems implemented and maintained by the ASU and the Office of Technology Services along with Web Development for custom portals supporting the Virtual Merchant online payment system.

Project Management 

The Technology Services project management team works to identify and facilitate special projects each fiscal year to enhance the quality of our computing environment, meet critical needs, and provide tangible benefits to our university's technology infrastructure and service offerings. The PM team facilitates the IT Project Portfolio Management process which ranks potential projects based on strategic impact and viability. The ranked projects are then approved based on budget and human resource availability. Members of the team serve as project managers for many of the high complexity projects in the project portfolio.

Services include:

  • IT Project Portfolio Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Communication Planning