Survey Requests

ASU recognizes the importance of surveys in research and institutional improvement. The ASU Survey policy provides guidance for how to approach using surveys at Alabama State University. A summary of the information is found below, but please also review the Survey Policy

Procedures for Research Surveys:

Any research conducted at ASU by external researchers or by ASU faculty, staff, or students must be approved by ASU's Institutional Review Board (IRB). Please visit the IRB webpage for information about their process: IRB webpage

ASU faculty, staff, or students who are conducting research involving ASU faculty, staff, students or their data as the subjects of the research, should also submit their information to the ASU Research Committee for review using the Survey Request Form.

Procedures for Institutional Surveys

To obtain approval to administer an institutional survey, the lead individual (e.g. faculty, staff, students, and external entities) must complete the online Survey Request Form one month prior to the launch of the survey. The ASU Research Committee will review the request and provide a response regarding approval within one month of the requester submitting the form.

The following types of institutional surveys are exempt and do not need prior approval from the ASU Research Committee:

  • Faculty surveying students in their courses for pedagogical or curricular purposes
  • Evaluation of an event by participants of the event
  • Feedback from customers at the point of service
  • Student course evaluations administered each term
  • Units administering information gathering forms or polls to tabulate votes regarding a position or topic
  • Alumni involved in Alumni chapters (and not employed by ASU) who are surveying other Alumni

The Office of Institutional Research conducts several institutional surveys on behalf of Alabama State University including Graduation Exit Surveys; Student, Employee, and Alumni Satisfaction Surveys; Student Engagement Surveys, and Stop-out Surveys. Please view the ASU Survey Calendar for a schedule of all institutional surveys approved by the ASU Survey Committee.

Access to Qualtrics (ASU's survey software)

Qualtrics is the official survey software used by Alabama State University. Any ASU faculty member, staff member, or student is eligible to have a Qualtrics account; however, they must first attend the ASU Survey Policy Training and sign the ASU Qualtrics User Agreement. 

For resources on how to use basic features of Qualtrics and Qualtrics Training Videos, click here.

To inquire about upcoming ASU Survey Policy training dates or if you have questions about the survey approval process, please contact the Office of Institutional Research at (334) 229-6859 or via email at