Grants Awarded


derrick dean Principal Investigator Name: Dr. Derrick Dean
 Title of Activity:  HBCU-MI
 Awarding Agency:  Department of Defense (DOD)
 Grant Amount Awarded:  $600,000
 Grant Description:  Lightweight Multifunctional Advanced Materials: The goal is to   develop materials to use for the next generation of U.S. Air Force systems and for   advanced aircrafts, such as the F-35 Lighting II fighter jet.
 Date Awarded:  11/01/2018
 End Date:  10/31/2021



michelle foo Principal Investigator Name:  Dr. Michelle Samuel-Foo
 Title of Activity:  Teaching Garden
 Awarding Agency:  State of Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries 
 Grant Amount Awarded:  $25,000
 Grant Description:  Funding will be used in developing a demonstrative teaching   garden   and hoop house, which is intended to introduce ASU students to   Agriculture and   Entomology. 
 Date Awarded:  11/01/2018
 End Date:  01/31/2020




myles mayberry Principal Investigator Name:  Mr. Myles Mayberry
 Title of Activity:  Alabama Beverage Control Board
 Awarding Agency:  Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC Board)
 Grant Amount Awarded:  $500,000
 Grant Description: Alabama State University will provide professional services in   the form   of Information Technology Consulting and Services to ABC Board.
 Date Awarded:  10/01/2018 
 End Date:  09/30/2020





dr. komal vig Principal Investigator Name: Dr. Komal Vig
 Title of Activity: Skin Tissue Regeneration Using Smart Scaffolds (STRUSS)
 Awarding Agency: National Science Foundation
 Grant Amount Awarded: $499,983
 Grant Description: To train both undergraduate and graduate students in the field   of Biomedical Engineering.  This grant will fund innovative strategies used to   regenerate   tissues after damage, which can help in wound healing.
 Date Awarded: 10/01/2018
 End Date:  09/30/2021 




kennedy wekesa Principal Investigator Name: Dr. Kennedy Wekesa
 Title of Activity:  Parsons-Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
 Awarding Agency:  Parsons Government Services
 Grant Amount Awarded: $41,450
 Grant Description: Parsons will provide developmental assistance to improve the   protégé’s  business infrastructure and technical capabilities aiding the firm to grow   as a   prime and subcontractor under federal government programs.
 Date Awarded:  01/01/2019
 End Date:  09/27/2019