Faculty Support

The Testing Center uses a software system to administer online faculty evaluations.  The online faculty evaluation services facilitate the work of academic units in obtaining students' evaluations of teaching effectiveness include, but are not limited to, the administration of end-of-course evaluation surveys and generation of evaluation reports for purpose of formative evaluation or cumulative evaluation of teaching, especially with regards to enhancing program evaluation activities and administrative decision-making process (e.g., for faculty promotion and tenure reviews).  

Faculty members requesting a copy of the Student Course Evaluations (SCEs), must submit the SCE Data Request Form (.pdf) to the Testing Center and must have the Dean's signature before processing.  Each request will take at least one week from the date received in the Testing Center.  Please contact Cynthia Swain at (334) 229-4864 if you have any questions.

•    Test Proctoring and Make-Up Exam Services are available in McGehee Hall, Room 105 or Ralph Abernathy Hall, Room 305.  Exams are video-monitored and recorded by the Testing Center Staff.  Test Administration options are Paper-based or through Blackboard.  This service is also beneficial for student athletes and band members.  For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Stacey Timmons at (334) 604-8034, or Cynthia Swain at (334) 229-4864.

Click here to fill out the SCE Data Request Form