ASU Institutional Review Board (IRB)


Alabama State University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) provides ethical review of human subjects research to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects of research. The IRB also seeks to  assure that human research is conducted according to applicable federal and state laws and regulations and the relevant policies of the Research Protection Program. 

As it is the responsibility of the IRB to ensure minimum risk to research participants, after careful consideration, ASU's IRB will not be granting permission to undergraduate students to conduct in-person field studies due to concerns regarding COVID-19. Additionally, due to the current shelter in place orders, a mandatory halt of some research activities that involve in-person interactions with participants will be in effect until further notice.

The IRB will continue reviewing protocols submitted to the IRB for both undergraduate and graduate students.

ASU is now offering the CITI Program complimentary course to train staff, students, and faculty on COVID-19 safety for their return to campus. In addition to the COVID-19 Back to Campus, Contact Tracing is also available. You may access instructions to complete the training here.  


To learn more about research guidance and COVID-19 click here.

ASU’s research that meets one of more of the following criteria may occur or continue:

  • A significant likelihood of direct and meaningful benefit for individual participants
  • A necessary in-person safety monitoring procedure
  • Research for which all in-person interactions can occur in the context of a needed clinical care visit. 
  • Studies involving in-person interactions that can all be eliminated or modified to appropriate remote interactions that don’t compromise participant safety or the scientific integrity of the research. 

We will continue to monitor this situation closely and provide guidance to both faculty and staff.  If you have additional questions or concerns, you may email the IRB at or contact the following:

Dr. Brenda I. Gill, Chair

334-604-9182 or 904-318-0497

Dr. Gulnaz Javan, Vice-Chair

334-604-8130 or 678-733-1907

IRB Member Roster click here 

The IRB meets every 3rd Thursday. Click here for the schedule 

Institutional Review Board Research Protection Program Policies and Procedures click here 

Institutional Review Board Training Request

Faculty, researchers or departments may request customized training or educational presentations regarding the IRB process. All requests must be made two weeks in advance.

Submitting Documents to the IRB

Before using the Institutional Review Board forms, checklists, and templates, please read the guidance on Submitting to the IRB by clicking here 

Click here to access all documents

Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI)-Required Training in the Protection of Human Participants

It is the policy of the IRB that all personnel involved in the conduct of human participant research must receive training in the protection of human participants from Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI).

To access instructions for completing CITI click here

All materials must be submitted in one PDF file to the IRB electronically through


Alabama State University participates in multiple agreements that provide flexibility for researchers when working with collaborators at other institutions.  Institutions must formally rely on another for IRB review utilizing an institutional Agreement (IA). Alabama State University has taken the initiative to become a member of SMART IRB. SMART IRB is a platform which institutions may use to rely upon each other for IRB review. By utilizing SMART IRB, additional agreements are not necessary between multiple sites, thereby reducing requirements to route additional paperwork. For additional information on the SMART IRB process, go <> and select Alabama State University from the list.

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