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Alabama State University requires that each program and unit provide an annual assessment plan and submit an annual assessment report. Each assessment plan must have at least three objectives/outcomes, two measures for each objective/outcome, defined success criteria for each measure, and a data collection plan. Each assessment report must have a detailed analysis of the collected data and an improvement plan describing the evaluation and next steps. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

New Directors - No mission, goals, outcomes, objectives were established for the department prior to my arrival - Is it still required that I complete an Assessment?

Yes, information should already be established prior to your employment with ASU. If not,
establish your goals and objectives/outcomes and close the loop based upon that information.

What is the Purpose of completing Assessment Plans?

The main purpose for completing annual Assessment Plans is to ensure that the Programs and Services we offer as an Institution are effective. Our goal is to ensure we are continuously assessing where we stand and continuously improving as an Institution. Additionally, Institutional Effectiveness is aimed at being in compliance with the requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

What is Criteria for Success?

Criteria for Success serve as thebenchmarks for judging the results of the assessment activity; it states how well something is done. For Educational Programs, the learning intention of a lesson or series of lessons tells students what they should know, understand and be able to do, and the success criteria help teachers to decide whether their students have in fact achieved the learning intention.

How does one establish Student Learning Outcomes?

The faculty who has stewardship of an academic program should articulate the goals and outcomes of the program. Assessment Plans are normally required at the program level, it is expected that program chairs in conjunction with their faculty, prepare outcomes for their respective programs.

What are some examples of Assessment Measures?

Assessment measures are strategies with which information will be collected in order to validate or provide evidence of each intended outcome or objective. For Educational Programs, these may include such techniques as comprehensive exams, student portfolios, senior projects, theses, dissertations evaluated by a committee, etc. For Support or Non-Instructional Units, these may include exit interviews, alumni surveys, graduating student surveys, employer surveys, satisfaction surveys, statistical reports, rubrics, etc. Two measures are required for eachstudent learning outcome or objective.