Councill Hall

Accounts Payable

Welcome to Accounts Payable Services

Mission Statement

The Accounts Payable Department supports Alabama State University's goals and mission. We provide accurate and timely disbursement of payments to the University's vendors. 

We adhere to all requirements established by Federal regulations, State law, and Alabama State University's policies and procedures. We strive to be recognized as an efficient, responsible and friendly team that is valued by all.


Department Goals

Friendly – Quality customer service for all students, faculty, staff and vendors.

Timeless – We pay all students, faculty, staff and vendors in a timely manner.

Accuracy – We will process cash advance requests in a timely and accurate manner.

Teamwork – We will work together to support the needs of students, faculty, staff and vendors.



Deborah Nettles - Accounts Payable Supervisor

Phone:  334-229-4205


Vendors A - G


Angelika White – Accounts Payable Specialist

Phone:  334-229-6985


Travel Expense


 Cash Advances

 Check Requests


Jeffery E. Davis – Accounts Payable Accountant

Phone:  334-229-6702


Vendors  H - Z

Cash Advances

Check Requests



The Accounts Payable office is located in W. H. Councill Hall, Room 226

Physical Address                                                                                     Mailing Address

915 South Jackson St                                                                          PO Box 271

Montgomery AL 36104                                                                      Montgomery AL 36101-271



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