Active Shooter Training Held for Faculty and Staff

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Police training July 2022 Upclose officer at truck (2).jpg
ASU police conducting active shooter training on campus during the summer of 2022 (photo credit: David Campbell/ASU).

ASU Hosted Active Shooter Training for Faculty and Staff by Sheriff's Office & ASU Police

- Event was held Dec. 6 on campus with training by Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and ASU Public Safety

 By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU

In an ongoing effort to offer maximum protection for the on-campus members of the Hornet Nation Family, the University's Department of Public Safety held an Active Shooter Training event for ASU’s faculty and staff on Jan. 6 at the Ralph D. Abernathy College of Educations auditorium. Joining ASU police were expert tactical law enforcement professionals from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department, thanks to the cooperation of Sheriff Derrick Cunningham. Topics included the strategy titled “Run, Hide, Fight.” 

Sgt. Kim Todd, a domestic violence investigator with ASU's Department of Public Safety, explained that this type of training is not new for Alabama State University. 

"Our most recent training exercise - before this week's faculty and staff event - took place last summer in a vacant residence hall on campus with our training again provided by an expert detachment from the Sheriff's Office that was just for ASU's police officers with a goal of helping better our officers acumen and expertise in providing a quick and immediate reaction and plan to safeguard our students and employees and eliminate all threats to them," stated Todd. 

She said that ASU’s training programs are proactive rather than reactive to outbreaks of violence. 

"An active shooter event can happen anywhere and at any time, so it is important to continue to keep our law enforcement officers and our campus family abreast of the latest techniques and actions, which enables us to best keep our campus community as safe as possible," explained Todd. "It is important for us to hold this event for faculty and staff because safety preparedness is an essential part of the University's emergency plan and we want to maximize safety for all Hornets by informing as many people as possible the best way to react." 

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