Shree Singh

singh  SHREE R. SINGH, Ph.D.

Professor of Microbiology
Director of CNBR

Center for NanoBiotechnology Research
Alabama State University
1627 Hall Street, Room 305
Montgomery, AL 36101

Phone: 334-229-4168












B. S. 1985  Agril. Sci. N D University, U.P., India
M. S.  1987  Genetics N D University, U.P., India
M. S. 1993  Biology Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL
Ph. D. 2001  Microbiology Auburn University, Auburn, AL


2007-Present Director, Center for NanoBiotechnology Research
2010-Present Professor of Microbiology, Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL
2010-Present Adjunct Professor of Microbiology, Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham, AL
2008-2010 Acting Chair, Dept. of Biol. Sciences, Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL
2008-2010  Assoc. Prof. Microbiology, Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL
2006-2008 Associate Prof Biology/Dir.  Res., Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL
Summer 2005 Visiting faculty, Johns Hopkins University-School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
2002-06 Assistant Professor of Biology/Director of Research and Training
1994-2002 Coordinator of Biology Labs/Instructor, Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL
1996-2001 Graduate research student, Auburn University, Auburn, AL
Summer 1992 Research Assistant, Medical College Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI


• Secured over $ 30 million in federal funds (as PI and co-PI) for research, student training and infrastructure at ASU.
• Established world-class instrumentation in new life science building through federal funds over $5 million.
• Established and started a statewide NanoBio summit in 2013.
• Provided vision and helped establish a new College of Science, Mathematics and Technology at ASU.
• Provided vision and helped establish Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at ASU
• Started Science@ASU magazine in 2006.
• Started STEM faculty of the year award at ASU in 2006.
• Started a new Journal of Nanogenomics and Nanomedicine in 2012.
• Mentored and graduated first PhD in Microbiology students at ASU.
• Formed research/educational partnerships with over 15 institutions in the US.
• Formed collaborations with institutions in India, China, Argentina, Ethiopia and UK.
• Consistently promoted accomplishments of scientific research at ASU through local news media including TV stations and newspapers (Over 10 news on TV).
• Participated in Governor’s delegation to China (2008) representing Alabama State University.
• Invited and hosted former President of India (Dr. APJ Kalam) to ASU in 2009.
• Hosted senators, congressmen and other dignitaries at Center and Life Science Building.
• Assisted with Governor’s delegation to India, 2010 and lead MoU development with four institutions/companies in India with Alabama State University.


University Gold Medal  1985
National Scholarship 1982-85
Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society 1997
Thurgood Marshall Award in Faculty
Research at 10th Annual Conference  2009


American Society for Microbiology
American Society for Virology
American Association for the Advancement of Science


NIH-RISE (1R25GM106995-01)
MBRS-RISE program at ASU
Role: PI

US Dept. Education (P120A150008)
Increasing Minority Access to NanoBiotechnology and 
Emerging Science and Technology in Alabama
Role: Co-PI
$749, 661

NSF-REU (1358923)
Development of Safe Nanomaterials for Biological 
Role: Co-PI

NIH-1 R21 AI111159-01
Mechanisms and protective efficacy of nanovaccines against Chlamydia trachomatis
PI: Vida A. Dennis
8/1/2014 - 7/31/2016
Co-PI: Shree R. Singh

NSF-CREST (HRD# 1241701)
Center for Nanobiotechnology Research
Role: Program Director

NSF-HBCU-UP (HRD# 1135863)
Computational Biology and NanoBiotechnology 
Undergraduate Research and Education (CNURE)
Role: Program Director


NSF-MRI (1038671) (Co-PI)
Acquisition of a Roche/454 GS-Jr for research and training

NSF-CREST (HRD# 0734232)
Center for Nanobiotechnology Research
Role: Program Director 

NSF-HBCU-UP Award # 0505872
Strengthening Undergraduate STEM Programs at ASU
Role: Program Director

Swept-Laser Spectroscopic System for Gold Nanoparticle

US Dept. Commerce-NIST
Microbiology building at ASU
McCladdy and Singh

NSF RII-EPSCoR Alabama Cyber Connections in Nanotech and Biosensors

NIH-NIGMS (Singh); 2S06 GM008219-200012
Development of a DNA vaccine against RSV. 
$ 438,797
Role: PI

National Institutes of Health (NCMHD); 1P20 MD000547-1 
Biomedical Research Infrastructure at Alabama State University
Role: Co-PI

National Institutes of Health (NCMHD); 5R24MD000147-02 
Role: Co-PI

U. S. Dept. of Education (MSEIP)
Improving Science Education through Technology Training. 
$ 266,280
Role: Project Director

U. S. Dept. of Education (MSEIP); 
Developing Molecular Biology Teaching Laboratory 
$ 257,554
Role: Project Director 

U. S. Dept. of Education (MSEIP)
Developing Multimedia classroom to teach Science Courses
$ 215,217
Role: Associate Project Director


Exploring Biology in the Laboratory 3rd Ed., 2003; 1999; 1997
Shree R. Singh and Karyn D. Scissum-Gunn
McGraw Hill Company.


Biology; 7th Ed. by Raven, Johnson, Singer and Losos, McGraw Hill

Inquiry into Life Lab manual 10th Ed. By Sylvia Mader, McGraw Hill


National Science Foundation-CCLI/URM/MRI/HBCU-UP/CREST Panels

National Institutes of Health-F-32 Study section

US Department of Education

NASA-Harriett G. Jenkins-Pre-doctoral Fellowship Program


Journal of Nanogenomics and Nanomedicine, Editor-in-chief; Started the journal from scratch
Journal of Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology


Journal of Virological Methods
Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology


University of Pennsylvania, January 19, 2009; Clark Atlanta University, March 27, 2009
DY Patil University, Mumbai, India, February 17-20, 2009; IIT Chennai, India, February 17-20, 2009; Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology, 2009; NIPER, Punjab, India, August 10, 2009; BIO 2009 India Pavilion, NSF-JAM 2009; Brigham Young University, September 2010; University of South Alabama, September 2011; Indo-Global Summit, November 2-10, 2011; Virology world congress, August 20-22, 2012; Indo-American Education Summit, February 2-5, 2013 India; SPS Univ. Udaipur, India, February 8, 2013.
Aston University, June, 2014
University of Putra, Malaysia, August, 2014


2008-Present   University of Pennsylvania                        NSF-NSEC (Nano/Bio Center)

2011-2016        Savannah State University                        NIH-RIMI

2008-2013        Southern University-Shreveport               NSF-HBCU-UP

2007-2012        Southern University-Shreveport               NIH-RIMI

2007-2012        Virginia State University                             NIH-RIMI

2004-2011        Albany State University                               NIH-RIMI

2007-2012        Tougaloo College                                       NIH-RIMI

2000-2010        Univ. Texas-Brownsville                            US Dept. Education-HEP

2005-2010        Virginia State University                             NSF-HBCU-UP

2003-2006        Miles College                                               US-Health and Human Services-HCOP

2001-2004        Miles College                                               US Dept. Education


RESEARCH TRAINING (Students/research staff)

Graduate Students (MS): Kara Hulett, Stacie Sturdivant, Charee Bennett, Naomi Abrams, Clifford Youngblood, Maiya Moore, Angel Hundley, Courtney Bell, Kasha Casey

Graduate Students (PhD): Praseetha Subbarayan, Seyhan Boyglu, Pooja Tiwari, Erdal Eroglu

Research Assistants/Associates: Faye Evans, Ehtesham Haque, Kara Hulett, Christina Carter, Ronda Bibbs

Post-doctoral Research Associates: S.R. Pillai, M. Chilakapati, Akhilesh Kumar, Hongzuan Wu, Komal Vig, Lekha Adiani, Sapna Jain, Minakshi Grover, Praseetha Subbarayan, Murtada, Taha, Sandhya Vardharajula, Saurabh Dixit, Sayeda Kauser


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