NIGMS-RISE Program Faculty


coatsPhotoDr. Mamie Coats

Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2005
Assistant Professor of Microbiology

Research Topic:
"Developing novel antimicrobials to combat pathogenic bacteria"

Phone: (334) 229-8453
Room: Life Science Building-324


dennisDr. Vida A. Dennis

Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1984
Professor of Microbiology

Research Topic:
 “Mechanisms of novel nanoparticles for microbial vaccines and as anti-inflammatory agents”

Phone: (334) 229-8447
Room: Life Science Building-307


pillai 8.2017Dr. Shreekumar Pillai

Ph.D., Auburn University, 1992
Professor of Biology

Research Topic:
"Antibacterial effects of peptide conjugated novel nanoparticles and antibacterial properties of superhydrophobic paper and nanosensors for bacteria"

Phone: (334) 229-7501
Room:  Patterson Hall-131


KVig.jpgDr. Komal Vig

Ph.D., University of Delhi, 1999
Associate Professor of Biology

Research Topic:
"Nanoparticles effects on human gene expression and use as antiviral agents" and "Use of RNA interference for inhibition of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus"

Phone: (334) 229-5132
Room: Life Science Building-323


ABWaffo.jpgDr. Alain Bopda Waffo

Ph.D., Max-Planck-Institute, Gottingen, Germany, 2003)
Associate Professor of Biology

Research Topic:
"A Novel Biodrugs Cargo made of nanoparticles attached to peptides displayed on coliphage Qb"

Phone: (334) 229-8396
Room: Life Science Building-223