HBCU-RISE program
Expanding Graduate Research Education
and Infrastructure in Nanobiomaterials
and Tissue Engineering at
Alabama State University


Through the proposed HBCU-RISE program, we will expand our research resources in the emerging area of “nanobiomaterials and tissue engineering” to develop novel 3D bioengineered tissues/scaffolds for treatment of diseased/damaged tissues. Our proposed project objectives are to:
1) expand research infrastructure by acquiring new equipment and recruiting high caliber scientists with expertise in the area of nanobiomaterials and tissue engineering
2) provide research support to Ph.D. students and research faculty
3) introduce new courses in nanobiomaterials and cell interaction, bioinstrumentation, and tissue engineering.
The HBCU-RISE project will result in training underrepresented minority students with a Ph.D. degree focusing on the emerging area of nanobiomaterials and tissue engineering