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Center for NanoBiotechnology Research


nsf.gifThe Center for NanoBiotechnology Research (CNBR) at Alabama State University aims to enhance research infrastructure to perform world-class research in the emerging new areas of Nanobiotechnology and Nanogenomics.

The center supports three integrated research projects, which are led by a team of nine researchers at ASU.

Research Themes:

1) Evaluation of Anti-RSV Multi-Functionalized Nanobiomaterials and Their Effect on Host and Viral
2) Nanobiomaterials as Anti-Bacterial Agents: Nanogenomic, Proteomic and Physiological Studies of
    Bacterial Organisms
3) Regulation of Immune Cells Using Novel Nanomaterials: Merging Nanoimmunology and Nanogenomics

CNBR has established over 15 collaborative partnerships with institutions in the U.S. and international collaborations with scientists and universities in countries such as Argentina, Armenia, China, Croatia, Ethiopia, India and United Kingdom to exchange research knowledge and train ASU graduates to compete globally.

The CNBR aims to:

Communicate with the community
Perform world-class research in Nanobiotechnology and Nanogenomics
Provide educational opportunities to minority students with focus on minority workforce
Develop new curricula and programs in nanobiotechnology, nanogenomics and other emerging fields
Enhance industry-institutional research and commercialize research products
Collaborate with U.S. institutions, industries and global partners to become globally competitive

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