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Since 2000, the ASU Center for Leadership and Public Policy has hosted the High School Math & Computing Olympiad for all high school students in Alabama’s Black Belt region during the spring semester on Alabama State University’s campus in Montgomery.  In addition to being a fun-filled and educational field trip, the Olympiad provides students with the opportunity to showcase their talents while honing their skills in time management and teamwork.


The event is divided into three competitions and each school can register one three-member team for each



  • Math -- team members will complete an exam without calculators, which may include challenging Algebra, Trig, Geometry, Statistics, Calculus, and Critical Thinking/Logic questions. 
  • 3D Animation -- teams will utilize an animation program to create a product that communicates a meaningful message or entertains an audience.
  • Web Design -- teams will showcase their creative talents by developing their own web pages.


All participants will receive a gift bag, and team sponsors will receive a special gift for their classroom. Students on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams as well as the 1st place school in each category will receive premium prizes. In the past, we’ve awarded very nice prizes such as laptops, printers, HD TVs, and camcorders.  At the 2020 Olympiad, we hope to have separate public school and magnet/private school divisions so that even more students can be recognized and awarded for their performances! In addition, students will be given the opportunity to speak with admissions counselors and meet current ASU students.


The High School Math & Computing Olympiad is a great way to bring recognition to your school! It is also a wonderful opportunity for your students to learn, have fun, meet like-minded peers, improve their time management and teamwork skills, and of course, win prizes!


If you have any questions regarding the 2020 Olympiad or if you would like more information, please call or email Louis Hines (334) 229-4524; lhines@alasu.edu.


Go Hornets!

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