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Center for NanoBiotechnology and Life Sciences Research




The center for Nanobiotechnology at ASU aims to enhance research infrastructure to perform world class research and train faculty and students in the new emerging areas of Nanobiotechnology with a focus on Nanogenomics. With this goal in mind, we have become active partners with a number of scientists at academic research institutions and industries global wide. Our goals are to greatly enhance our graduate and undergraduate degree and research programs in the life sciences by actively engaging and interacting with both academic and industrial researchers.

Our CNBR Consist of the following Broad Goals and Objectives:

• Perform world-class research and advance knowledge in nanobiotechnology and nanogenomics 
• Enhance research capability at ASU to become a highly competitive research center
• Develop human resources for the future with focus on minority workforce
• Intergrate research into education and collaborate with U. S. institutions, industries and global partners to become globally
• Enhance industry-institutional research and commercialize research products to decrease global health disparities and
  infectious diseases
• Enhance education and research programs globally to benefit ASU’s “2020 vision”
• Provide international exchange educational opportunities to students and faculty in nanobiotechnology and nanogenomics
• Develop new curricula and programs in nanobiotechnology, nanogenomics and other emerging sciences
• Provide a joint international undergraduate B.S. degree in the concentration areas of biology, biotechnology, microbiology,
  and forensic sciences
• Host international scientist through international scholars exchange (J-1)
• Communicate with the community through outreach programs

Currently, the CNBR consists of NanoBiotechnology, Nanogenomics, NSF-HBCU-UP STEM, Research Centers (Health Disparity and Infectious Diseases), International Scientific Programs, and Community Outreach Programs.