Elijah Nyairo


elijah-picChemistry Instructor, Department of Physical Sciences
Associate Director, Center for Nanobiotechnology Research 
E-mail: enyairo@alasu.edu  
Phone: 334-229-6923

Research Interest

Nanostructured biomaterials with emphasis on biodegradable and bioactive matrices for bone tissue repair and regeneration: Scaffold design is an area of focus primarily because tissue scaffolds provides structure for cell attachment, guides cell proliferation and differentiation, and mimic’s the native extracellular matrix (ECM) of bone. Polymeric scaffolds made from biodegradable polymers are engineered to facilitate repair of damaged tissues. The scaffolds are designed to provide an environment conducive to cell growth which helps in expediting the tissue regeneration process. The success rate depends upon the ability of scaffolds to mimic the functionality of natural ECM. The natural ECM plays an important role on morphogenesis, tissue development, and angiogenesis since it acts as binding sites for many proteins such as cytokine molecules and growth factors. The goal of this project is to develop bioactive polymeric scaffolds based on polycaprolactone (PCL), modified carbon nanofibers (mCNF) and hydroxyapatite (HA) that mimic the efficiency of natural ECM in modulating the cellular and molecular markers during bone-tissue regeneration. Nanocomposite scaffolds based on PCL/mCNF will be fabricated using electrospinning to achieve improved mechanical properties and uncompromised cell growth for bone tissue engineering applications. A nanoscaled HA coating will be electrophoretically deposited onto the composite nanofibers to further promote bioactivity and osteoconductivity. The response of human mesenchymal stem cells to the scaffolds and the release characteristics of bone morphogenic proteins adsorbed onto the HA surface will be studied. The mechanism of adsorption and release will be studied in order to optimize the process.

Development of nanobiomaterials for drug delivery: This study is aimed at understanding how to release therapeutics in a controlled manner from nanofibrous polymeric tissue scaffolds fabricated by electrospinning polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) encapsulated with varying concentrations of detonation nanodiamonds (DND). DND’s have recently garnered attention as drug delivery vehicles. The surface energy of the DND’s makes it relatively straightforward to adsorb or covalently attach therapeutic molecules. Earlier work showed that drugs encapsulated into the nanofibers alone exhibited a burst release. It is anticipated that the DND’s will help us achieve a more sustained release. The toxicity of the DND’s to several different cell lines showed little compromise in the cell’s viability at low DND concentrations. Our research focuses on the potential use of DND to deliver therapeutics, the compatibility concerns with using carbon based nanomaterials (i.e., cytotoxicity), and the fabrication and characterization of these novel nanocomposite scaffolds for drug delivery.

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