Alabama Alliance for Students With Disabilities



The "Alabama Alliance for Students with Disabilities in STEM" is a collaborative effort involving Auburn University, Tuskegee University, Alabama State University, and Auburn University at Montgomery, Central Alabama Community College, Southern Union State Community College, the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind, and six school districts in East-Central Alabama: Lee, Chambers, Elmore, Montgomery, Macon, and Tallapoosa County school systems. The Alliance has the following four major goals:

Goal 1: Increase the Quality of Students with Disabilities Completing Associate and Baccalaureate Degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Disciplines;

Goal 2: Increase the Number of Students with Disabilities Completing Associate and Baccalaureate Degrees in STEM Disciplines and entering STEM graduate degrees or STEM workforce;

Goal 3: Increase the Number of Students with Disabilities Completing Graduate Degrees in STEM Disciplines; and

Goal 4: Increase the Number of High School Students with Disabilities Going to College.

This unique alliance, which includes two Historically Black Universities, Tuskegee University and Alabama State University, builds upon established STEM bridge programs to include female and minority students with disabilities.

The Alabama Alliance has an internal evaluation team and an external evaluator who will lead the independent formative and summative project evaluations. The team consists of:


Alabama State University
Carl Pettis, Principal Investigator
Auburn University
Overtoun Jenda, Principal Investigator & Project Director

Ash Abebe, Co-Principal Investigator

Daniela Marghitu, Co-Principal Investigator

Caroline Dunn, Co-Principal Investigator
Auburn University at Montgomery
Glen Ray, Co-Principal Investigator
Tuskegee University  
Mohammed Qazi, Principal Investigator
Central Alabama Community College  
Michael Lovett, Co-Principal Investigator
Southern Union Community College
Mary Jean White, Co-Principal Investigator
Gary Branch, Co-Principal Investigator