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The Harold Loyd Murphy Graduate School

Your decision to continue your education is a testament to your desire to make a direct impact on this world. And whether you want to teach the leaders of tomorrow, work toward a cure for disease or become a true agent for policy change, ASU is committed to provide you with the faculty, resources and world-class education you need to succeed.

Now is the time to find your future in research, rehabilitation, counseling, education or politics with an advanced graduate or doctoral degree from the Graduate School at  Alabama State University.

Graduate Degree Programs

Explore ASU’s advanced degree programs in accountancyeducationscience, rehab counseling and physical therapy, and use your knowledge and unique skills to become part of tomorrow’s history.

Graduate Admissions

Find graduate application information, including admissions criteria, fees, deadlines, tests and forms.

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The Harold Loyd Murphy Graduate School
Phone: (334) 604-8471

Financial Aid

Find ways to pay for your advanced degree at ASU, including grantsloans and graduate teaching and research assistantships.