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Eligibility by State

Undergraduate Requirements

Graduate Requirements

FAQ: What to expect from an Online Program

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Tuition and Fees

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Eligibility by State

Please check if your state residency allows you to enroll in our online programs.(Y/N)

Alabama, AL Y Alaska, AK N Arizona, AZ N
Arkansas, AR N California, CA Y Colorado, CO Y
Conncticut, CT Y Delaware, DE N Florida, FL Y
Georgia, GA Y Hawaii, HI Y Idaho, ID Y
Illinois, IL Y Indiana, IN N Iowa, IA N
Kansas, KS Y Kentucky, KY N Louisiana, LA Y
Maine, ME Y Maryland, MD N Massaschussets, MA Y
Michigan, MI Y Minnesota, MN N Mississippi, MS Y
Missouri, MO N Montana, MT N Nebraska, NE N
Nevada, NV N New Hampshire, NH Y New Jersey, NJ N
New Mexico, NM N New York, NY Y North Carolina, NC Y
North Dakota, ND N Ohio, OH N Oklahoma, OK N
Oregon, OR N Pennsylvania, PA N Rhode Island, RI Y
South Carolina, SC Y South Dakota, SD Y Tennessee, TN N
Texas, TX Y Utah, UT Y Vermont, VT Y
Virginia, VA N Washington, WA N West Virginia, WV Y
Wisconsin, WI N Wyoming, WY N    


Undergraduate Requirements 

For details about the admission requirements please visit our Admissions Office  for more information and the application process. For the specfic requirements of your program, please contact the the department or check out the webpage. (see Online Programs


Graduate Requirements

For details about the admission requirements please visit our Admissions Office for more information and the application process. For the specfic requirements of your program, please contact the the department or check out the webpage. (see Online Programs


What to expect from an online program

What are the computer requirements?

Hardware (minimum reuqirements)

  • IBM-Compatible PC 500 MHz Intel® Pentium III processor or 400 MHz MAC PowerPC G3
  • 1 GB RAM (more recommended)
  • DSL or other high speed connection recommended
  • Computer microphone and speakers


  • Windows XP or higher (higher recommended),  or Mac OS 10.x
  • Web browser  (Internet Explorer (latest), Chrome, Safari or Firefox)
  • JAVA download (latest)
  • Acrobat Reader (latest)
  • Quick Time Player (latest) ( or Windows Media player
  • Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Excel
  • Depending on the program and your courses you might need additional applications

What kind of computer skillls are expected of me?

To sucessfully complete your online class you should have basic computer, internet, email, and word processing skills. Some courses might require you to use other applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel. Alabama State University uses Blackboard as its LMS.

Basic Computer skills

  • Using two or more applications at the same time
  • Connect to Internet
  • Locate a file on a hard drive, flash drive, etc.

Internet Skills

  • Locate websites (follwing hyperlinks, or typing hyperlinks)
  • Using search engines for research (GoogleYahoo, etc.)

Email Skills

  • Create, send, open, save, reply to, foward, delete,  an email message
  • Send, open and save file attachments
  • Paste text from word processor to email and vice versa

Word Processing Skills

  • Create, open, save new or existing fies 
  • Spell check document
  • Basic editing skills (copy, paste, bold, underline, font size, etc.)
  • Basic formatting skills (margins, headers, footer, page numbering, page break, etc.)
  • Print document

Are online classes easier or harder than face-2-face classes? 

No matter, if you take the course online or on campus, the content you will learn and the work you have to do is the same; just the mode of teaching will be different. Taking an online class might need more self-discipline as most classes are taught asynchronously, so you don't have weekly meetings.

What is different in taking an online class from taking a class on campus? 

The main difference is the mode of instruction. Online classes are taught via our Learrning management sytem Blackboard. They are usually taught asynchronously, so there will be no or just some online meetings in a virtual classroom. In general, you can log into your course  and do your work at any time of the day. Besides deadlines for assignments set by the instructor, you can follow the course at your own pace. All lectures, discussions, etc will be online, and you will also submit yoru work online via our learning management system.

Online Readiness Survey

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Our Admission Office will provide you with all the information you need to sucessfully apply to the porgram of your choice. For details, phone (800) 253-5037 or (334) 229-4291, or email at

Tuition and Fees

Tuition (per semester hour) $         
Registration Fee (per semester) $
Technology Fee (per semester) $
Application Fee (once) $ 25
Graduation Fee (once)

Contact our Admission Office for details either by phone (800) 253-5037 or (334) 229-4291, or email at


Financial Aid

We can offer you many different options of financial aid. Please contact our Fiancial Aid Office to talk to one of our specialists about your options.


Academic Calendar

Download our Academic Calendar for the coming term here.