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Patrice W. Glenn Jones, Executive Director of Online Education and Programs 

Hello Hornets:

Beyond serving as an academic resource, the Division of Online Education and Programs (DOEP) staff, in conjunction with the Academy of Excellence for Research & eLearning (AEReL), align ourselves with you--faculty and students--to advance teaching, learning, and programming excellence in virtual ecologies. Now, more than ever, online education is an essential academic avenue to promote  learning no matter your location. Thus, we are committed to continuous improvement.

Beginning Fall 2020, we will work to expand the services we provide. In addition to increasing instructional design support for faculty, we will collaborate with faculty and students to host virtual professional development and instructional workshops. Currently, we are facilitating the Ready, Set, Go. . . Orientation to eLearning initiative to help students prepare themselves for online learning success. Learn more about Orientation to eLearning now—Ready, Set, Go.

Faculty and students are at the heart of teaching and learning. Faculty are the subject matter experts who guide learning, and students are the purpose. It is our objective to see you walk into your roles as knowledge producers. In collaboration with you, the DOEP staff will work to improve online teaching, learning, and programming. Therefore, we encourage you to share your ideas, experiences, suggestions, and concerns with us. At ASU, the time is now, and you are the reason.



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Patrice W. Glenn Jones, EdS., Ph.D.


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