The Trust for Educational Excellence

Supporting Alabama State University’s Trust for Educational Excellence is one of the most significant ways you can give to the university. The Trust was established in 1995 in the Knight vs. State of Alabama remedial decree.

The Trust is funded by an annual payment of $1 million from the Alabama Special Educational Trust Fund, and an additional sum of up to $1 million matched by gifts, grants and contributions to the Trust by alumni, foundations, associations, estates and other sources. The annual payment and matching grants were for a period of 15 years through the year 2010.

Purpose of the Trust

Monies received by the Trust are required to be maintained in perpetuity as the corpus of the trust with at least 25 percent of annual income to be reinvested in the corpus. The 75% of the interest not required to be reinvested is used to grant academic scholarships at ASU based on the following areas:

  • Academic excellence
  • Endowment of department chairs
  • Matching funds to endow chairs for eminent scholars under Alabama’s Eminent Scholars Program
  • Subsidizing the salaries of full-time faculty members with outstanding reputations as scholars
  • Payment of fees and expenses for lectures and lecture series conducted on campus by nationally known educators, public officials, writers, scholars and national and world business and government leaders
  • Funds to match the National Endowment for the Humanities and Prestigious Challenge Grant, which endows the National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African-American Culture
  • Unrestricted use as needs arise

Establishing Named Scholarships

Donors to the Trust may establish their own named scholarship according to the following minimum donation guidelines:

  • Named Scholarship for individuals or families, $10,000 minimum
  • Named Scholarship for clubs and organizations, $25,000 minimum
  • Named Scholarship for foundations and corporations, $100,000 minimum

How to Give to the Trust