Community Service

At Alabama State University, service to the community is an essential foundation of our institution.

From our very beginning, we made a commitment to improve the lives of others by educating those who would pass on their knowledge and passions to future generations. Today, we still believe in that original goal, and we know that our programs, service learning opportunities and outreach efforts are building stronger communities and businesses, improving our environment and giving our students and faculty a platform to learn, give back and become true agents of change.

Discover how you can make a difference at ASU through our community service and real-world learning programs.

Community Service

From projects that help small and minority businesses to efforts to curb teen pregnancy and promote disease awareness, we aim to make a difference. Explore our programs and see how you can become involved as a student at ASU:

Real World Learning

At ASU, you can also support the local community through service opportunities offered as part of your degree program courses. In past years, biology students provided eye care services to underprivileged children under Focus First, art students created mural designs for Habitat for Humanity and physical therapy students worked with children with disabilities in underserved schools.

Find your degree program, and see how you can give back to the community while you earn your degree.