Alabama State University Foundation, Inc.

The mission of the Alabama State University Foundation, Inc. (ASUF) is to perpetuate a viable organization that will support the educational needs and goals of Alabama State University, its faculty and students via responsible management of financial programs.

The Alabama State University Foundation was chartered under the law of the State of Alabama on December 27, 1967, as a non-profit, educational corporation to encourage, receive, and administer gifts for the exclusive benefit of Alabama State University, its students, and its staff. Such gifts may be cash, securities, leases, royalties, literary and artistic collections, and real or personal property. No matter its size or nature, each gift is fully appreciated and warmly remembered. The wishes of each donor will be scrupulously followed.

Contributions to the Foundation are exempt from Federal Income Tax, free from State control, and do not displace tax funds.


Nominations open August 1, 2021 and close August 31, 2021

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Executive Committee

cedric moore Cedrick D. Moore, Chair 
 Class of 1998
 Engineering Program Manager
 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Corporation
 Resides in Fultondale, AL


Antwon Hardwick Antwon Hardwick, Vice Chair
Class of 1993
US Transformation Assurance Region Leader (South & East)
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) LLP
Resides in Marietta, GA


pamela hill Pamela Hill, Treasurer
 Class of 1999
 Revenue Research Manager
 Alabama Department of Revenue
 Resides in Montgomery,


 Lindsay HardenLindsay Harden, Secretary 
 Class of 2008
Executive Director
Fultondale Chamber of Commerce
 Resides in Birmingham, AL


damien Damein Baity, Assistant Secretary
 Class of 1999
 Chief Financial Officer, Birmingham Public Library
 Principal Accountant, City of Birmingham
 Resides in Birmingham, AL 


Board of Directors

Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr.  Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr. 
 Class of 1992
 Alabama State University
 Resides in Montgomery, AL 


gwen benson Dr. Gwendolyn Benson
 Class of 1973
 Associate Dean, College of Education
 Georgia State University
 Resides in Atlanta, GA


jeanine brown Jeannine K. Brown
 Class of 1995
 Everyday Lead
 Resides in Atlanta, GA


Dr. Reginald A. BrownDr. Reginald Brown
Class of 1995
Associate Principal
Fort Bend ISD
Resides in Missouri, TX


michael german Michael German
 Class of 1972
 Georgia Field Office Director/Supervisory Management Analyst
 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
 Resides in Decatur, GA


shera grant Judge Shera Grant
 Class of 1999
 Jefferson County District Court Judge, Civil Division
 State Of Alabama
 Resides in Birmingham, AL


Eddie RobinsonEddie Robinson Jr. 
Class of 1994
Real Estate Investor
Magnolia River LLC
Resides in Houston, TX

erick Erick Wright, President National Alumni Association
 Class of 1980
 Resides in Atlanta, GA



Non-Voting Members

Cromwell A. Handy (Ex-Officio)
Class of 1980
Director of Alumni Relations
Alabama State University
Resides in Montgomery, AL

Trustee Delbert Madison Delbert Madison, ASU Board of Trustee Representative
 Class of 1993
 Senior Vice President, Cash Management Officer
ServisFirst Bank
 Resides in Prattville, AL


Executive Director

Jennifer Jennifer Anderson
 (334) 229-4950

Information last updated April 2021


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