ASU Policy Development

Policy Development Process

The following process depicts the flow intended to assist areas seeking to generate policies and/or revise policy that are applicable to faculty, staff, students and external stakeholders. The process is inclusive of a review process and approval process demonstrating the responsibility for policy - making at ASU. The policy development process is governed by the ASU Policy Development and Management Policy. 


Policy Development Process



Policy Development

The Office of the President is the Executive Office for all institutional policies.  The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is the designated Office to provide assistance with divisions seeking to develop and/or revise policies. These efforts are coordinated through OIE with the guidance of the Office of General Counsel.

Download  Policy Development Template and Policy Cover Page Template

ASU Policy Development Guide

This guide articulates the criteria for policy development and revision for Alabama State University. It was created to ensure all policies are developed, approved and reviewed consistently and adhere to standards to promote continuity.

Download printable version of ASU Policy Development Guide 

Assistance with Policy Development

Policy writers and developers with questions, comments or suggestions about the template or process are encouraged to contact Dr. LaShundra Brooks, Compliance and Quality Improvement Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at (334) 229-4692 or email at lgriswold@alasu.edu.