ASU Policies

Alabama State University’s policies are approved by the Board of Trustees with the intent to ensure the institution achieves its mission and strategic priorities that impact students, faculty, staff, and the community it serves and supports; to promote compliance with external laws and regulations; and support University operations; and/or reduce institutional risk. The University policies have been adopted in accordance with the ASU Policy Development and Management Policy approved by the ASU Board of Trustees on February 8, 2019. The policies reflect the shared governance of the ASU Board of Trustees, President and Academic and Administrative leaders.  The institution is committed to accountability, transparency, integrity, and ensures that policies undergo a comprehensive review process to meet internal and external standards. Policies accessed from this site are current.


Policy Name Date Approved
Course Substitution Policy (Modification) 9.6.2018
ASU Policy Development and Management  2.8.2019
Substantive Change Policy  2.8.2019
The Pilot (Student Code of Conduct) 2.28.2019
Curriculum Development Policy 5.2.2019
Dual Enrollment Policy 5.2.2019
Faculty Credentialing/ Qualifications Policy 5.2.2019
Attendance Verification 9.6.2019
Change of Academic Program (Academic Program) 9.6.2019
Financial Conflict of Interest Policy 9.18.2020
Participant Support Cost Policy 9.18.2020
Statement of Investment Policies for Pooled Endowment Funds 9.18.2020
Statement of Investment Policies for Trust for Excellence 9.18.2020
Subrecipient Monitoring Policy 9.18.2020
Time and Effort Policy 9.18.2020
ASU Survey Policy 2.5.2021


Questions regarding specific policies should be directed to the office responsible for administering the policy.