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Season Ticket Holders Select Seats for New ASU Stadium

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Author: Timothy Ervin

Release Date: Aug 27, 2012

Excitement was in the air early Monday morning as Hornets fans lined up to be among the first to choose their seats in ASU's new stadium.


Alabama State University football season ticket holders were camped out in front of the Dunn-Oliver Acadome as early as 6 a.m. Monday for a chance to have first dibs on seating areas at the new ASU football stadium.

“Today we are kicking off our season ticket holders seat selection,” said Annette Bennett, ASU ticket manager.  “Our season ticket holders are able to come in and physically select their seat for the new stadium.”

Bennett said season ticket holders have until Thursday to come in and pick their seats.

“We are having a great turnout,” Bennett said.  “We have several different groups coming in and out.  So if you are a season ticket holder and haven’t selected your seat please come out and do it.”

Velora Ford, a 1963 ASU alumna, was first in line to select her seat.  She wanted to make sure she will have a great view of the gridiron action.

“I got in line early because I wanted to be in the same area I was in Cramton Bowl,” Ford said.  “I felt that in order to get the same seat or close to it I needed to be here early.”

John Feagin Sr., a 15-year season ticket holder was in line around 6 a.m.  He said it is very important for fans to support the football program. 

“It is a program that supplies and supports... the other programs ASU has,” said Feagin, a 1957 graduate.  “It also is very important that we fill up the stadium; not just Turkey Day or the first game, but every game.”

Ford agreed.

“We have a new stadium and we need to get our season tickets and make that contribution so it can be paid for,” Ford said.

General seating tickets elsewhere in the stadium for the 2012 Turkey Day Classic are scheduled to go on sale beginning Sept. 17.

For more information on ASU football tickets, contact Annette Bennett in ASU’s Business and Finance Auxiliary Enterprises at 334-269-6485.

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