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World Leading Scientist to Speak at 2018 Annual Research Symposium

Release Date: Dec 13, 2017

ASU's 2018 Research Symposium will feature one of the world's top scientists.

Dr. Kevin Redding, an international leader, top scientist, and an outstanding teacher in the field of photosynthesis research, will be the primary speaker for the the 2018 annual Research Symposium, which will be held on March 14-15.

Redding is a professor of chemistry and biochemistry, the director of the Center for Bioenergy and Photosynthesis (CB&P), and the associated director of the Center of Bio-Inspired Solar Fuel Production (BISfuel, one of 46 DOE Energy Frontier Research Centers established nationally in 2009) of Arizona State University.

He will discuss his most recent world-class innovative work for the Symposium (1,2). In 2017, the Redding Lab made an important and significant contribution to unlock the secrets of photosynthesis, in collaboration with Professor John Golbeck of Pennsylvania State University and Dr. Raimund Fromme of Arizona State University.

The trio’s outstanding discovery is based on eight years of hard work and combined effort. The manuscript was published in Science in September 2017 and describes the 2.2-Å resolution X-ray structure of the "first-ever" homodimeric photosynthetic reaction center, which is a multisubunit membrane protein complex from Heliobacterium modesticaldum and functions as a remarkable energy conversion device. This work shines new light on the evolution of photosynthesis and on cleaner fuels. Their discovery is also changing the history of photosynthesis.

The annual Research Symposium, provides a platform and an exceptional opportunity for undergraduate, graduate, and research scholars to share their research experience to broader audience at Alabama State University as well as other universities in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Tennessee. The symposium is designed to inspire and motivate the students in their future STEM endeavors and enhance the collaborations among the faculty members in their respective fields.

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