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Ross Delivers First Presidential Address

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Release Date: Oct 03, 2017

Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr. delivered his first presidential address during Alabama State University’s Fall Convocation, setting forth his platform and making a promise of a significant financial donation to the University.

President Quinton T. Ross gave his first official speech as the 15th president of Alabama State University during the Fall Convocation, and set the tone of his administration.

Ross spoke about the significance of ASU’s 150 year history, explaining that ASU should be proud of its history.

“So, this year as we celebrate ASU’s 150th year of existence, it is natural to reflect on struggles and sacrifices that our institution has endured that it could remain for students of today and those yet unborn. So, when you look at 150 years, that is a long time and in all of that time; no matter what the issue; no matter what the circumstance; Alabama State University stood and is still standing.”

Ross said the time is now to prepare ASU for the next 150 years.

“We must realize that a lot of blood, sweat and tears were shed to afford us this opportunity to learn and grow and even lead for 150 years,” Ross said. “Moving ASU forward for 150 more years may not involve blood, sweat or tears, but it would definitely involve perseverance, collaboration, diligence, compliance and even sometimes a little sweat. Together we must ask ourselves the question what is it that we will do going forward to sustain and preserve ‘O Mother Dear’ for another 150 years.

Ross’s speech was punctuated by resounding applause from the audience for many of his points, especially those pertaining to the importance of ASU students, customer service and telling ASU’s story. He drew a standing ovation when he made his own financial pledge to the University.

“Today, standing as the 15th President of Alabama State, I pledge to give $50,000 to this institution and challenge trustees, administrators and all to make a contribution to Alabama State University,” Ross said. “It is our own giving that will make a difference. It is our own giving that will show people that we are serious about preserving Alabama State University for the next 150 years. So, we have to give ourselves, and we have to give continuously and generously.”

During the Convocation, there were also performances by the Dramatics Guild, the University Choir and the Mighty Marching Hornets.

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