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Training/Travel Procedure


Professional Development

Alabama State University (ASU) offers its employees the opportunity to upgrade skills and increase knowledge in order to produce a more capable and professional workforce. All employees are encouraged to take advantage of appropriate training and development opportunities, including: internal and external training programs, professional and personal development activities.

Our employees are the key to providing excellent service delivery to students and the ASU community. To support these efforts, the University understands the need to provide continuous training programs, as well as, enable professional and personal development opportunities for its employees.

Internal Training Process

(Applies to internal programs offered by CPTP)

  • Employee must contact CPTP staff to register for a specific training course (including events deemed “Mandatory”).
  • CPTP office registers or wait lists employee for course.
  • Employee attends training program.
  • Employee is responsible for notifying the CPTP office if he/she needs to cancel attendance. This should be done at least one week in advance, to allow for a replacement attendee or in case of too few attendees, for CPTP to cancel the program.
  • Each workshop participant must submit a training evaluation form.
  • CPTP will provide a Certificate of Completion for workshop participants upon request.


External Professional Development Activities

Where possible, ASU will offer internal training programs, but as our workforce’s specific training needs may be quite diverse, it is expected that external training programs and other development opportunities may be utilized. External training programs may include as educational offerings at conferences and institutions or training programs designed to enhance a specific skill set. Development activities may include obtaining or retaining professional certifications and licenses; attending association meetings; or participating in work teams or committees.

Supervisors are responsible for working with their employees to identify specific training and development needs. Department Heads or supervisory staff members are responsible for supporting employee development efforts and for maximizing the efficient use of ASU resources to help meet developmental needs. Department Heads or supervisory staff members are also responsible for initial approval of internal and external training requests. CPTP is responsible for final approval as well as continually assessing developmental needs and creating training programs and activities to address those needs of faculty and staff.

Individual training and development activities should be determined between the employee and their supervisor. Oversight and coordination of training programs and development activities will reside with CPTP. CPTP will retain a centralized record of all training and conference attendance by employees. Department/Division Heads should monitor and approve the use of external training resources as part of their budget overview process.

A Training Specialist will review the Training Request form and respond to employee within five (5) business days regarding approval status.

Once funded, an employee may not apply again until the following fiscal year.

In the event the employee is unable to attend training sufficient notice must be provided to CPTP staff and program vendor. Doing so will allow time to secure a refund or permit replacement of attendee.In the event employee fails to attend/complete the training program without prior notice, he/she will be responsible for associated workshop fees.

Training Priorities

The following guidelines will be used to prioritize funding of external training:

Priority One: Training required as a result of Federal or State programs or implementation of an ASU policy; education required to gain/maintain accreditation; or education necessary to retain licensure required by the State of Alabama.

Priority Two: Training that addresses the overall business goals of the University.

Priority Three: Training that will improve the employee’s productivity in their current position.


External Training Request Process

Employees should complete the CPTP Training Request Form at least two months prior to the training program.

The completed, signed form should be routed to the CPTP office, along with program information and program schedule. All supporting documents (hotel reservations, mileage, etc.) must accompany the completed form.

An Estimated Travel Expenses Form should also be submitted with the request (if travel is necessary). It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that the conference sponsors are approved vendors in the PeopleSoft system. (Review University Travel Reimbursement Policy)

Upon approval, it is the employee's responsibility to keep track of requisition and travel orders to ensure vendor payment.


* Employees should search for training opportunities that address their learning/development goals with the least expense to the University.


*All travel will be considered following Title 3 guidelines. For more information please Contact the Title 3 Director, Nicola Lawler.





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