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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the permanent representative body for handling the matters under the jurisdiction of the faculty and academic administration by delegation of the Office of the President of the University. The Senate is evidence of a "shared" concept of academic governance under the leadership of the president and faculty acting through its representative body.

The powers and authority granted the Senate are those delegated to the general faculty by the President of the University, not inconsistent with the policies of the Board of Trustees. With this broad scope of authority, the Senate, in essence, has full authority to speak and act for the whole faculty.


Watch this space for important information concerning University affairs.

CHAIRMAN'S COMMENTARY: Bills to change Board of Trustees selection


Faculty Senate Membership

Faculty Senate membership consists of:

  • Senators elected from the faculty of each college and general division of the University except Aerospace Studies
  • Five members elected at-large from the general faculty
  • Ex officio members with the right to vote:  The President of the University, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Provosts and Vice Presidents, the Director of Records and Registration, the Director of the Learning and Resources Center, the Director of Aerospace Studies, and the President of the Student Government Association.
  • Additional information on the criteria for membership in the Faculty Senate can be found in the Faculty Handbook, Section 2.14.

Faculty Senate Committees

The Faculty Senate operates through operating, standing, and ad hoc committees. The Chair of each Committee is an ex officio member of the corresponding committee of the Board of Trustees.

  • Executive Committee
  • Academic Affairs Committee
  • Faculty Affairs Committee
  • Budget Review Committee
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Awards Committee
  • Student Affairs Committee
  • University Planning and Development Committee
  • Academic Excellence Committee


Mr. Charlie E. Hardy, Chair

Dr. Shirley Barnes, Vice Chair

Dr. Sara Kiser, Secretary

Dr. Mary Beth Downs,
Web Site Coordinator


When: The Faculty Senate holds meetings on the first Thursday of each month.

Where: Life Science Building Auditorium

Who: Faculty Senate meetings are open to all faculty and staff members.


Download the most recent copy of the Faculty Senate newsletter.

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