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Dr. Shree R. Singh

Shree SinghDr. Shree R. Singh is the director of the Center for Nanobiotechnology Research at Alabama State University. He is also a professor of microbiology in the Department of Biological Sciences located in the College of Science, Mathematics and Technology.

Dr. Singh received his Master of Science degrees from ND University in India and from Alabama State University. He earned his Ph.D. degree in microbiology from Auburn University. Dr. Singh is a nationally recognized researcher and has established a number of collaborative research initiatives with universities, agencies and scientists. He serves as the Program Director of NSF-CREST Center and HBCU-UP program.
Dr. Singh has helped to secure federal more than $30 million in funding for research projects and activities while at ASU. Dr. Singh has authored more than 65 original research articles in peer reviewed journals and has made more than 300 scientific presentations at scientific meetings and delivered many seminars across the United States and in other countries. Dr. Singh established the Center for NanoBiotechnology Research at ASU in 2007 and helped train many Ph.D., graduate and undergraduate students over the last two decades. He also established worldwide collaborations for the University with many countries, including Argentina, Armenia, China, Ethiopia, India and United Kingdom.

Dr. Singh’s research focus is respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) that causes common cold like symptoms to severe bronchiolitis and pneumonia in children and older population. Dr. Singh’s research is a triangular approach dealing with prevention, diagnosis, and therapeutics. Dr. Singh’s multidisciplinary approach to deal with the RSV disease involves many molecular biology, virology, immunology, proteomics, nanotechnology and engineering techniques. Many of the projects are undertaken by post-doctoral associates, research assistants, graduate and undergraduate students. Some of research topics are development of recombinant protein vaccine against RSV, design and evaluation of DNA vaccine, Adeno-associated vectors based vaccine, Adenoviral vaccines against RSV, silencing of RSV genes using siRNA technology, inhibition of RSV using nanoparticles, design and development of immunosensors to detect RSV, and development of DNA based diagnostic tools for RSV.





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