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Welcome to Alabama State University. The following assistives navigation will help you jump to specific areas of the page.

Area I-IV

Students transferring from Alabama public two-year and four-year colleges and universities should consult the AGSC site for complete details regarding Areas I - V for all majors, including the list of approved courses for each institution.

AREA I - Written Composition (6 Semester Hours)

ASU Course Title

AL College System Course Title Equivalent

ENG 131 English Composition I

  ENG 101 English Composition I OR  
ENG 103 English Composition I OR
ENG 111 English Composition I OR
 ENG 123 English Composition I       

ENG 132 English Composition II

  ENG 102 English Composition II OR  
ENG 104 English Composition II OR
  ENG 112 English Composition II        

University Wide Honors Curriculum Requirement


ENG 140 English Composition I -- Honors 

   ENG 103 English Composition III             

ENG 141 English Composition II -- Honors

      ALL AGSC Approved English Composition II

AREA II - Humanities and Fine Arts (12 Semester Hours) AGSC: Students must complete a 6 semester hour sequence either in literature or in history.

ASU: Student satisfying the 6 semester hour sequence literature sequence (ENG 209 and 210) are only required to complete 3 semester hours of the history sequence (HIS 131 and 132 - AREA IV) and are not required to take a humanities elective.**

Students originating at ASU requirement.*

ASU Course Title

AL College System Course Title Equivalent

Required Courses

HUM 103 Humanities
(Through the African American Experience)*

HIS 256
Afro-American History

ENG 209 Intro to Literature I**

ENG 271 World Literature I

ENG 210 Intro to Literature II**

ENG 272 World Literature II


Choose ONE of the following (Consult with major area for details)


ART 131 Art Appreciation

ART 100 Art Appreciation

MUS 121 Music Appreciation

MUS 101 Music Appreciation

THE 111 Intro to Theatre Arts

THR 120 Theatre Appreciation


Humanities Electives: Choose ONE of the following (Consult with major area for details)**


HUM 101 Interdisciplinary Humanities

HUM 101 Intro to Humanities I OR
HUM 106 Humanities Through the Arts

SPE 200 Voice and Diction

SPH 108 Voice and Diction

SPE 205 Public Speaking

SPH 106 Fundamentals of Oral Communications OR
SPH 107 Fundamentals of Public Speaking

PHL 210 Logical Reasoning

PHL 116 Logic

- Pre-Professional, Major and Elective Courses for Degree Areas at Alabama State University (23 Semester Hours)

Pre-professional courses under Area V are specifically designated within each college or school by major. Consult with representatives for the major area of study and the Academic Advisement Center, University College, for more details.

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