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Advisory Committees

The MARC program at ASU has two councils. The important roles and memberships for both councils are described below.

MARC U*STAR Advisory Council

The MARC U-STAR Program Advisory Council is driven from an internal steering function. It consists of individuals with key impact roles in the program; this structure places decision-makers in position to regularly review the program in total along with other thought leaders at the institution. This advisory structure is ideal for ASU’s MARC U-STAR Program, as it positions individuals with the institutional authority to act upon matters vital to the MARC U-STAR Program in a direct and accountable manner. The MARC Advisory Council isl consist of:

  • Dr. Karyn Scissum Gunn, Program Director and Council Chair
  • Dr. Manoj Mishra, Associate Program Director and Vice Chair
  • Dr. Jacqueline Trimble, Chair, Department of Languages and Literatures
  • Dr. Jacqueline Jones-Triche, Postdoctoral Research Associate (U of Michigan) and Former ASU MARC Trainee
  • Dr. Timetria Bonds, Assistant Professor of Biology and ASU STEM Graduate
  • Dr. Carl Pettis, Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Dr. Christine Thomas, Director, Planning and Evaluation
  • Dr. Tanjula Petty, Director, ASU QEP
  • Dr. Sabita Saldanha, Instructor and Interim Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Mrs. Valerie Pittman, Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Dr. Kenley Obas, Associate Vice President for Information Technology
  • Dr. Mamie Coats, Faculty Mentor and Coordinator, Summer Research Training Program
  • Two  MARC U-STAR Trainees


MARC U*STAR Scientific Research Council

The purpose of the ASU MARC U-STAR Research Triangle is to continue to benefit from a dedicated body to advise the program leadership and Program Advisory Council on best practices to ensure effective operation and coordination of the training component’s faculty, student and external research collaboration agenda. The Scientific Research Affairs Council consists of: All MARC Preceptors (ASU-Ps) and is chaired by Dr. Manoj Mishra, associate program director. The primary function of the Scientific Research Affairs Council is to seek and maintain institutional advocacy for the research training agenda to ensure its maximum impact upon student training and faculty research development.

The MARC U-STAR Scientific Research Affairs Council meets at least bi-annually to:

  • Review ASU-P/ASU-EC team candidates for the ASU-MARC U-STAR Research Triangle component
  • Review ASU-P release time lottery applications and make recommendations to the Advisory Council
  • Assists colleagues by facilitating resource sharing
  • Assists in working with partner ASU-ECs to enhance MARC fellows’ experiences and candidacy for admission to ASU-EC institutions
  • Advocate faculty needs as recommendations to the Advisory Council
  • Assists in identifying external scientists/collaborators for seminars and other program affiliations
  • Conduct peer research project presentations
  • Assists in the resolution of student issues
  • Coordinate information for progress reporting to the Advisory Council and NIH/NIGMS-TWD division.
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