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Demographic Resources


Demographic Research & ReapportionmentLouis and Myles

For over 15 years, the ASU Center for Leadership and Public Policy has been an Affiliate State Census Data Center, which can access a broad range of databases through the U.S. Census Bureau. Through the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, current economic and social statistics are available on every county in the state and most towns and cities. In addition to census data, the Center has access to numerous state databases ranging from employment statistics by county, crime statistics and election results.

As a census-related service, the Center offers professional services in the areas of  reapportionment, mapping and voter statistics. Some previous reapportionment clients include the Montgomery County Commission, the Autauga County Commission and the cities of Alabaster and Guntersville. Currently, the Center's Reapportionment Lab is working with 24 county commissions, city councils, and local school boards. The Center can provide all of the necessary assistance for a client's pre-clearance submission to the U.S. Justice Department.

The Center has the capability of producing color maps from letter size to 44 by 60 inches. It also maintains current mapping layers for all statewide political subdivisions, including state school board districts, state House and Senate districts, and state congressional districts.  

Click here to purchase demographic maps.

The Center researchs information regarding elected officials in the State of Alabama and compiles the following four directories: Guide to Alabama’s State Officials, Guide to Alabama’s County Officials,Guide to Alabama’s District Judges and Guide to Alabama’s Circuit Judges. These directories are available to the public at no cost by clicking the link below. The directories include the name of the official, the county or counties they serve, their next election date, and their contact information. These directories are updated during the first quarter of each year.

Click here to access the guides to Alabama's elected officials.

For additional information, please contact the Myles Mayberry at or (334) 229-6024.


Opinion Research


In 1999, the ASU Center for Leadership and Public Policy established the Center's polling and research facilities to give a voice to the citizens of Alabama and Montgomery County. The Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) Lab consists of 14 calling booths and two monitoring stations. The lab uses WinQuery software to program surveys and to generate random participant calls from preloaded samples. Survey samples can be developed at the state or county level. The management and staff of the CATI Lab have 15 years of experience in developing and executing surveys. The survey lab has the following capabilities:

  • Design and execute surveys to provide desired data for clients.
  • Target sample composition to client audience.
  • Provide a survey marginal that highlights overall survey findings and produce cross-tabulations that give survey findings by demographic breakdowns.
  • Develop and program paper surveys to enable fast and accurate collection and data entry of client surveys.
  • Provide CATI Lab support to supplement paper surveys in order to increase completions and improve the statistical probabilities and intervals of the surveys.
  • Provide marketing analysis for business plans.
  • Provide phone tree services.

Since its inception, the CATI Lab has provided annual surveys for the Montgomery Public Schools and on "Quality of Life in the Black Belt Counties."  The lab also has provided survey data entry for the Montgomery Head Start Program and the annual WVAS radio listener survey.

Click here to see our survey reports.

For additional information, please contact the Myles Mayberry at or (334) 229-6024.




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