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Welcome to Alabama State University. The following assistives navigation will help you jump to specific areas of the page.

Research Resources

Resources available in CBRT

1. Novocyte flowcytometer
2. A biosafety fume hood
3. 5 refrigerators, 2 -20 ºC freezer, a -80 ºC freezer,
4. An ELISA reader,
5. Two bench-top centrifuges, two pH meters, a spectrophotometer, a tabletop centrifuge
6. An inverted microscope, a compound microscope, a liquid nitrogen storage system
7. An ABI DNA engine, a gel documentation system, electrophoresis system, and assembly units
8. Milli-Q water purification system
9. A fluorescent microscope
10. Confocal microscope
11. DNA analyzer
12. Bacterial incubator and shaker
13. Nucleofector II
14. Labware dishwasher

Other shared resources available in the Department of Biological Sciences

Bio-imaging Core Facility: The bio-imaging facility, with ~1,000 sq. ft. of space, is located in the basement of the LSB. This lab was selected for bio-imaging to reduce vibration that becomes a major problem during high-resolution imaging. This core houses an Atomic Force Microscope (Pacific Nanotechnology-Nano R2), a scanning electron microscope, a Nikon TI-U Phase Fluorescence microscope, a Nikon confocal microscope, and a Nikon upright imaging system.

Molecular Biology Core: In addition to a molecular biology facility on the 2nd floor of the LSB, there is a larger molecular biology core with ~1,000 sq. ft. of space located in the basement of the LSB. This facility is heavily used for various molecular biology research projects. The major instruments of this lab include an Alpha Innotech 5500 Chemi-imager gel documentation system; a Bio-Rad gene pulser; a dry-air floor model incubator; thermo cyclers; an Applied Biosystems 7300 real-time PCR; safety hoods; counter top centrifuges; electrophoresis assembly units; gel transfer systems; SDS-gel systems; a laser detection system; Bio-Rad Chemidoc and Versadoc gel documentation systems; a Bio-Rad Experion automated RNA, protein and DNA electrophoresis analysis system; and other smaller instruments to support individual research as well as classroom teaching.

Microarray Core Facility: ~700 sq. ft. of space is dedicated to a microarray facility located in the basement of the LSB. This facility houses an ABI 3700 genetic analyzer system, a GenePix® 4000B microarray scanner and computer system, and TIBCO Spotfire Decision Site and Ingenuity Pathway Analysis software.

Immunology Core Facility: This facility (~650 sq. ft. in LSB 341) houses a BD FACSCanto II 8-color analyzer, a BioScan Chameleon V Multi-Label Microplate Reader, a Bio-Plex 200, a Forcyte hematological analyzer, an Odyssey imager, and an ELISA plate reader.

Radioactive Facility: This facility (~170 sq. ft.) houses a MicroBeta liquid scintillation counter and a 96-well cell harvester. This counter is being used to count thymidine incorporation in proliferating cells.

Other common user facilities in the LSB include state of art tissue culture lab, three walk-in cold rooms, two dark rooms with imaging facilities, two autoclaves, an automated dishwasher, an incubator shaker, three freezers (-80oC), and an animal room facility (3,000 sq. ft.).

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