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T-PAC Alliance Mission

The mission of the three institutions in this Alliance is to recruit minority students in their graduate programs and assist them in the completion of their doctoral studies and transition them to the professoriate at their home institutions or elsewhere.

T-PAC Alliance Interventions

The T-PAC model for graduate education consists of a comprehensive set of nine Alliance interventions designed to assist Scholars as they progress through their doctoral programs of study at TU, ASU and AU. These interventions are described in the table  below:  

To Assist with Doctoral Studies

1)  Intervention: Submission of NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) application

Objective: To provide Scholars with an opportunity to obtain funding for their doctoral research and gain experiences in writing a competitive scientific proposal

2)  Intervention:  Online mentoring using social media platforms

Objective:  To provided Scholars with an avenue for joint mentoring across the T-PAC Alliance through social media platforms:  Emphasis is to promote cross institutional collaborations and a sense of community, for networking purposes and disseminate news of Scholar's progress and achievements

3)  Intervention:  Online tutorials on STEM content

Objective: To assist Scholars with fundamental concepts in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Engineering during their graduate course work.

4)  Intervention:  Online comprehensive examination preparation tutorials

Objective: To assist Scholars with STEM content and strategies to prepare for comprehensive examinations.

5)  Intervention:  Online graduate course:  Literature Search and Technical Writing

 Objective: To assist Scholars with technical writing at different levels, including dissertation, manuscripts, technical reports, and conference presentations.

6)  Intervention:  Research experiences in STEM at host Alliance institutions

Objective: To provide Scholars with research enrichment and networking opportunities by rotating through at least one institution in the Alliance outside of their own institution.

To Assist with Preparation for the Professoriate: 

1)  Intervention:  Online graduate course:  Proposal Development

Objective: To provide Scholars with preparation to write competitive scientific proposals including solicitation search, critical review of the literature on the research subject and development of proposed research ideas.

2)  Intervention:  Online teaching experience

Objective:   To provide Scholars with experiences in teaching and undergraduate STEM course online, preceded by workshops on pedagogical and class management skills.

3)  Intervention:  Preparation for future STEM Faculty positions through workshops

Objective:   To provide Scholars with information about the duties and expectations of a faculty member and to address the negative perceptions about the professoriate.

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