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Program Guidelines

Program guideline2


1.  Although some meetings will be virtual, there may be some meetings where students will have to physically attend to participate in program activities. Therefore, T-PAC scholars are required to attend all meetings (unless there are class conflicts or schedule conflicts with their research or other professional development activities). Please notify the program assistant, peer leader and peer mentors if you are unable to attend a scheduled meeting.

2.  All T-PAC scholars must maintain good academic standing at their respective institutions. Failure to do this may result in termination from the program (at the discretion of the project investigators).

3.  The T-PAC scholar must notify the program assistant, peer leader, and lead project investigator at least 30 days prior to resignation from the program.   In the event that the scholar would like resign from the program they will need to do this in writing and submit this to the program assistant and lead project investigator at their institution. Any materials or research supplies must be returned to the program assistant for re-inventory.

4.  Since T-PAC scholars are ambassadors for each respective institution scholars should follow all of their institutions school policies, procedures, and guidelines and maintain professionalism at all times. Failure to do this may result in removal from the program.

5.  The program is designed for 3.5 years and will end on February 28, 2018. Scholars are expected to participate in the program until they complete their Ph.D or project completion (Feb. 28, 2018) whichever comes first. Failure to follow the timeline my result in delays in the T-PAC scholar’s completion date. In the event that a T-PAC scholar does not make progress in accordance with the timeline an action plan/activity plan will be organized to assess strategies to facilitate completion. Failure to adhere to the action plan may result in removal from the program. Any stipends provided will only be allotted upon completion of the STEM teaching experience. Scholars must submit proposal each year for research supply funding.  Failure to adhere to the institutional policies, procedures and guidelines relative to use of equipment, materials, and supplies will result in immediate dismissal from the program. All materials, supplies, and equipment purchased through T-PAC funding are the property of the respective Alliance institution and the NSF. Supplies must remain at the institution if a faculty advisor or mentor leaves or if the scholar leaves the program or completes the program.



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