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  • Dr. Audrey Napier

    Dr. Audrey Napier

    Associate Professor of Biology; Alumna ('91)
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  • Bridgette Moore

    Bridgette Moore

    Senior, Dance
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  • Lauren Smith

    Lauren Smith

    Junior, Dance
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  • Jaylon Givan

    Jaylon Givan

    Junior, Dance
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  • Eric Welch Guster, Esq.

    Eric Welch Guster, Esq.

    Attorney, Legal Analyst B.S., Accounting and Finance ('93)
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  • Carlton McClain

    Carlton McClain

    Junior, Computer Science
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  • Dr. Harvey Hou

    Dr. Harvey Hou

    Associate Professor of Forensic Science
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  • Dr. Melvin A. Lowe III.

    Dr. Melvin A. Lowe III.

    B.S. ‘99, M.Ed.‘01, Ed.S.‘09
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  • Dr. Manoj K. Mishra

    Dr. Manoj K. Mishra

    Associate Professor of Biology
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  • Dornesia Ward

    Dornesia Ward

    IT Specialist B.S., Computer Science ('08)
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  • Jessica Platt

    Jessica Platt

    Education Doctoral Librarian, B.S. '02
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  • Yohance Myles

    Yohance Myles

    Actor, Theatre Professor, B.A. in Theatre Arts ('06)
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  • Amy Renee Ashley

    Amy Renee Ashley

    Junior, Music Performance
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  • Rickesha Robbins

    Rickesha Robbins

    Sophomore, Communications (Radio/TV)
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  • Bea Forniss

    Bea Forniss

    President, ASU National Alumni Associaton; B.A. 1972; M.S. 1974
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  • Dr. Gary Grandison

    Dr. Gary Grandison

    Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department
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  • Dr. Doug Bristol

    Dr. Doug Bristol

    Professor of Music Theory, Jazz and Music Technology
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  • Dr. Nickyla Harris-Ray

    Dr. Nickyla Harris-Ray

    Healthcare Practitioner, Technician, B.S. 1999
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  • Janel Elise Grant

    Janel Elise Grant

    B.A., Communications (’03)
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  • Mr. Jay Crawford

    Mr. Jay Crawford

    Supervisor of Carpenters
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  • Dr. Marcus E. Vandiver

    Dr. Marcus E. Vandiver

    Education specialist for Alabama State Department of Education, B.S. 1998; M.Ed. 2002; Ed.D. 2007
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  • Dr. Jeff Langham

    Dr. Jeff Langham

    Superintendent of Education for Elmore County, Ed.D. 2007
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  • Dr. Jeraline Jones-Marsh

    Dr. Jeraline Jones-Marsh

    District Administrator/Career Education Specialist; B.S. '93
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  • Dr. Evelyn Hodge

    Dr. Evelyn Hodge

    Dean of University College, Professor of Education and Teacher Inservice Director
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