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Alumni Profiles

Yasmin Rana
Organizer, Former White House Intern, B.A. 2009
Yasmin Rana

Yasmin Rana

Alabama State University alumna Yasmin Rana (’09) says she still can’t believe she got the opportunity to walk the hallways of the White House.

The Prince George’s County, Md., native worked as a White House intern during the spring of 2011, part of the White House Internship Program designed to mentor and cultivate young leaders, strengthen their understanding of the Executive Office and prepare them for future public service opportunities.

During her four-month internship, Rana worked with the director of information services and the White House services manager in the Office of Management and Administration.

Rana's tasks included everything from keeping supervisors current on weekly reports to giving an East Wing tour to serving as a co-team lead for the Boys and Girls Club White House Internship Service project.

Rana said she enjoyed many different aspects of her job, including "sharing the same experience with 143 other amazing individuals ... from various backgrounds." 

She said she learned how to be resourceful and manage her time while attending ASU, which helped prepare her for the White House internship opportunity.

“Once it finally sunk in that my time at Alabama State was time to build a foundation for my career, I took my time there very serious. I got involved with campus organizations and found out what my actual passion was while there,” Rana said. “My professors allowed me to be creative with projects and presentations. The freedom that I had in my classes allowed me to grow as an individual and embrace my creativity.”

Rana, who graduated cum laude from ASU with a B.A. in Communications, said she strongly encourages current ASU students to pursue internships.

“Students have so many advantages in being an intern. You get professional advice, mentors, the ability to shadow and work hands on. The other great thing about being an intern is that if you love your internship or you hate it, you still walk away with more knowledge than you had coming in the program,” Rana said.

Rana said one of the most exciting things about her White House internship was seeing our Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama.

"The first time I saw him passing by, I just stood there, even after he left. This was the first president I voted for in my life. This is the president that my family and friends believe in," Rana said, adding that she had the opportunity to represent his administration during the duration of her internship.

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