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Alumni Profiles

Dr. Jeff Langham
Superintendent of Education for Elmore County, Ed.D. 2007

The two–term elected superintendent of education for Elmore County, Ala., is one of Alabama State University’s most vocal supporters.

Since he earned a doctorate degree in Education Leadership, Policy and Law from ASU in 2007, Jeff Langham “toots ASU’s horn” every chance he gets.

Langham, the leader of Elmore County’s public school system since 2005, enrolled in ASU’s Ed.D. program in 2003 and believes it was one of the best educational choices he has ever made.

“I had always heard good things about Alabama State’s education program from teachers in the tri–county area, as well as from my then co–workers at the State Department of Education,” Langham said. “I discovered once I began studying at ASU that it was all true and then some.”

Langham was one of 16 students enrolled in a “cohort’s class,” which is a group of Ed.D. students who take all their classes together for the first two years of their studies until they begin working individually on their dissertation theses.

“I found ASU to be very diverse in its approach and student–centered, with the faculty realizing we were all working adults,” he said. “They were very helpful to us as we learned from them.

“I have many fond memories of my classes at Alabama State and nothing but the highest praise for its doctoral and education programs, especially my dissertation committee professors, Robert Beach, John Gooden and Ron Lindahl.”

Although he found the university’s education curriculum enjoyable and its faculty responsive to his needs, Langham said his graduate work was an enormously challenging program that stretched his mind to its limits.

“The doctoral program ideally takes two years to complete your class work and one year to write your dissertation, but it took me two years to write mine because I had just been elected superintendent,” said Langham. “That became very time consuming because I had a lot of things to learn and put in place during my first year in office.”

Although he graduated two years ago, Langham still has a frequent contact with ASU through the educators he hires to teach in his 11,000–student school system – many of whom are Alabama State University alumni.

“I have had many positive experiences with all the teachers we have hired with degrees from Alabama State,” Langham said. “My ASU teachers seem to be very well–prepared and are among the best educators we have in the employ of Elmore County’s public school system.”

Langham also received his administrative certification from Alabama State in 1998 so he could serve as an elementary school principal in Elmore County. He feels that the ASU educational experience produces quality teachers from its undergraduate program through its doctoral program.

“Alabama State University is not only my alma mater, but the best educational experience of my entire career,” he said.

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