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AD HOC Committees



Dr. Sharron Herron-Williams, Chair
Dr. Cajetan M. Akujuobi
Dr. Le-Quita Booth
Dr. Wendy Coleman
Dr. Bertis English
Dr. John Garland
Dr. Stephen Havron
Dr. David Iyegha
Dr. Tina Vazin
Dr. Omar Oyarzabal


This committee is charged:

·         To explore ways in which ASU can significantly enhance and expand its international curriculum for students and faculty, including studying, traveling and serving as host for international faculty and students;

·         To examine mechanisms by which ASU might create a more globalized academic curriculum.

·         To ascertain how research opportunities might be expanded internationally;

·         To determine whether an individual (perhaps a faculty member) might be needed to monitor and seek international experiences for students and faculty;

·         To review university policies and procedures to determine any impediments to the recruiting and retention of international students;

·         To examine models of international programs across the country, and develop one appropriate to the mission of ASU which will support the international engagement of faculty in their teaching, research, and scholarship;

·         To develop relationships with key overseas universities; and

·         To complete the committee’s work by March 1, 2011.



Dr. Cajetan M. Akujuobi, Chair
Dr. Agnes Helen Bellel
Dr. Douglas Bristol
Dr. Leslie Simone Byrd
Dr. Dothel Edwards
Dr. Kamal Hingorani
Dr. Linda Holladay
Dr. Kenley Obas
Dr. Rajendran Swamidurai
Dr. Sandra Walker


This committee is charged:

·         To develop an online strategy for Alabama State University that will enable us to begin to move more aggressively and in a planned, systematic and efficient way in this vital area;

·         To explore aspects of our academic curriculum that could include distance education;

·         To review technological resources needed to support a viable distance education program;

·         To identify the type of training needed by faculty and others to carry out the goals and objectives of a distance education program;

·         To present an initial report that will impact Spring 2011 courses due by December 1, 2010; and

·         To complete the committee's work by March 1, 2011.




Dr. Steven Chesbro, Co-chair
Dr. RoseMary Watkins, Co-chair
Dr. Cleon Barnett
Dr. Agnes Helen Bellel
Dr. Janice Franklin
Dr. Carlos Morrison
Mr. Lorenza Patrick
Dr. Cheryl Plettenberg
Dr. Howard Robinson
Mr. Anthony Stockard
Dr. Kara Washington-Harris


This committee is charged:

·         To assess the capabilities of the Southern Normal campus;

·         To examine the possibilities of collaboration with local, state or agencies and two-year institutions within the area, such as Reed Technical;

·         To determine if there are any reasonable improvements required to significantly improve the capabilities of the Southern Normal Campus;

·         To develop a comprehensive plan for Southern Normal Campus, both short-term and long-term;

·         To determine if identifying and hiring a consultant is essential to fulfilling the charges, and, if so, to identify; and

·         To complete the committee’s work by March 1, 2011.




Dr. Doris Screws, Chair
Dr. Lenford Sutton
Dr. Mamie Coates
Dr. Kamal Hingorani
Dr. Dothel Edwards
Dr. Bertis English


This committee is charged:

·         To examine the manner in which graduate assistantship are awarded;

·         To explore funding sources for graduate assistantships;

·         To outline clear expectations for those who are recipients of graduate assistantships;

·         To develop a plan for assistantships to be awarded and monitored through the School of Graduate Studies; and

·         To complete the comprehensive review by December 1, 2010.

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