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Concentration in Basic Chemistry

(Leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Chemistry)

Core Curriculum I – IV (42 Hours)

Chemistry majors must choose the following core courses:
CHE 141 General Chemistry (4)
CHE 142 General Chemistry (4)
MAT265 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I (4)

Preprofessional, Major and Elective Courses (19 Hours)
CSC 210 Introduction to Computer Science (3)
PHY210 General Physics I (4)
PHY211 General Physics II (4)
MAT266 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II (4)
MAT267 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III (4)

Required Support Course (3 Hours)
MAT375 Differential Equations (3)

Required Major Courses (34 Hours)
CHE 211 Organic Chemistry I (5)
CHE 212 Organic Chemistry II (5)
CHE 321 Physical Chemistry I (4)
CHE 322 Physical Chemistry II (4)
CHE 342 Quantitative Analysis (4)
CHE 343 Instrumental Analysis (4)
CHE 418 Chemistry Seminar (2)
CHE 421 Biochemistry I (4)
CHE 431 Senior Honors Research (2)

Major Course Elective (4 Hours)
CHE 419 Physical Organic Chemistry (4)
CHE 422 Biochemistry II (4)
CHE 423 Organic Synthetic Methods (4)
CHE 433 Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics and Quantum Chemistry (4)

Minor Courses or Electives (18 Hours)


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