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CECSIP Research Lab


College of Science, Mathematics, Technology & Engineering
Alabama State University


The Center of Excellence for Communication Systems and Image/Signal/Video Processing (CECSIP) provides research facilities for the selected aspects of Communication & Sensing systems,  Image/signal/video Processing, Digital Forensic Imaging Studies, Mixed Signal Systems, DSP Solutions, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Studies, and High Speed (Broadband) Communication Systems by way of algorithm developments, modeling, simulation, analysis, design, testing and performance evaluation and support technology transfer to our sponsors. CECSIP develops and suggests new curriculum for the STEM Programs based on recommendations from industry sponsors and results from center research. It supports and trains students by awarding scholarships, undergraduate and graduate assistantships and create pipeline with the industry partners for students’ placements.


CECSIP has currently established three functional research Programs: Communication Systems & Sensing Program, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Studies Program, and Image/signal/video Processing & Digital Forensic Imaging Studies Programs. The Mixed Signal & Broadband (High-Speed) Communication Systems Programs will be established soon. The center occupies over 4000 square feet of research laboratory and office space with state of the art facilities. Partial list of the research labs are as follows:

  •  Signal/Image/Video Processing & Digital Forensic Imaging Research Lab.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) & Aerial Forensic Dynamics Research Lab.
  • Communication Systems and Sensing & Forensic Infrared Sensing Research Lab.
  • Mixed Signal Systems & DSP Solutions Research Lab.
  • Broadband Communication Systems Research Lab.
  • Various Simulation Facilities (SCEMSR, MATLAB, MULTISIM, LABVIEW, etc.)  


Wavelet & Wavelet Transform-Based Applications, Signal/Image/Video Processing, Forensic Digital Imaging, Mixed Signal Test and Evaluation, Wireless Communication Systems, Network Modeling and Performance Analysis, Network Management and Security Design, xDSL & Broadband Communication Systems Analysis, Sensor Research, UAVs, Control System Analysis, Biometrics for Network and Homeland Security, etc.

CECSIP Planned Contributions & Efforts

The Center of Excellence for Communication Systems and Image/Signal/Video Processing (CECSIP) is unique within the State of Alabama and the Nation. CECSIP will continue on educating the State’s future leaders in the emerging highly technological areas necessary for our industries, institutions and for the economic growth of the State of Alabama and the Nation. Efforts will be made to establish more partnerships with industry and various national security and Communication Systems agencies.

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