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Welcome to Alabama State University. The following assistives navigation will help you jump to specific areas of the page.

Research Faculty

Dr. Gunn.jpg



Dr. Karyn D. Scissum–Gunn
(Ph.D., Auburn University 1996)
Executive Director of Biomedical Research & Training Programs
Professor of Microbiology
Phone: 334-229-4301
Room: Life Science 205



  Dr. Napier1.jpg 


Dr. Audrey Napier
(Ph.D., Ohio State University 1999)
Professor of Biology

Phone: 334-229-4459
Room: Life Science 206



   Dr. Singh.jpg


Dr. Shree R. Singh
(Ph.D., Auburn University 2001)
Director, HBCU-UP
Acting Chair, Biological Sciences
Professor of Microbiology
Phone: 334-229-4168
Room: Life Science 305



  Dr. Wekesa.jpg 


Dr. Kennedy S. Wekesa
(Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 1996)
Professor of Biology
Phone: 334-229-4196
Room: Life Science 232



   Dr. Robertson.jpg 



Dr. Boakai K. Robertson
(Ph.D., Cornell University, 1993)
Director, Environmentors
Professor of Biology
Phone: 334-229-4423
Room: Life Science 231



   Dr. Pillai.png 


Dr. Shreekumer R. Pillai,
(Ph.D., Auburn University 1992)
Associate Director, CREST
Instructor Department of Physical Sciences
Phone: 334-229-7501
Room: Patterson Hall 131





 Dr. Smith.jpg


 Dr. Lula Smith
(Ph.D., Rutgers the State Univ. of New Jersey, 1996)
Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 334-229-4454
Room: Life Science 225




  Dr. Strout.jpg



Dr. Douglas L. Strout
(Ph.D., Rice University, 1995)
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 334-229-4718
Room: Hatch Hall 245




  Dr. Payne.jpg


Dr. Dorothy Payne
(Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2007)
Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone: 334-229-4674
Room: Life Science 214




                                                                Photo Gallery 

                                                             Dr. Hongzhuan Wu
                                                             (Ph.D., South China Agricultural University 1997)
                                                              Assistant Professor of Biology
                                                              Phone: 334-229-4498
                                                              Room: Life Science 226


 Dr. Mensah.jpg



 Dr. Oswald Tekyi-Mensah
(Ph.D., Florida State University 1995)
Associate Professor of Physics
Phone: 334-229-5118
Room: Science Building 101




  Dr. Nyairo.jpg



Mr. Elijah Nyairo,
(M.S. Atlanta University 1989)
Associate Director, CREST
Instructor Department of Physical Sciences
Phone: 334-229-6923
Room: Harper Council Trenholm Hall 312




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