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Dr. Linda Phaire-Washington

ASU Institutional Official

Alabama State University (ASU) is dedicated to maintaining integrity within the research environment under its authority. Research is the main venue for advancing knowledge and its communication to students as critical components of the educational process. ASU contributes to advancing knowledge through efforts of its research faculty, student researchers, and research staff. ASU’s goal is to maintain the highest level of standards as dictated by all state, federal, corporate, and institutional governing bodies as it relates to policies and procedures on research misconduct. To that end, any allegation of research misconduct will be dealt with promptly and systematically in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Office of Research Integrity (ORI), the National Science Foundation – Office of the Inspector General (NSF-OIG), and/or the funding agency’s governing entity on research misconduct. This document details ASU’s policy and procedures that will be followed on research misconduct. Directives are tightly aligned with ORI’s policies as codified in 42 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 93 and NSF’s policies as codified in 45 CFR 689. Both are located on the electronic CFR –

Definition of Misconduct: Research Misconduct is defined as any dramatic deviation from practices commonly accepted by the scientific community. These include but are not limited to fabrications, plagiarism, or falsifications. False accusations of misconduct are also grounds for institutional disciplinary action. Misconduct does not include honest human error or valid differences in interpretations of data.

All allegations of reseach misconduct should be reported directly to Dr. Linda Phaire-Washington at (334) 229-8455 or email:

To see a full copy of ASU's Official Research Misconduct Policy or the Official Guidelines from the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) please click on the following link:

ASU Policy

ORI Policy

Dr. Linda Phaire Washington


Life Science Building Room 204

Office:  (334) 229-8455

Fax: (334) 229-1007



Associate Provost/ Research & Sponsored Programs

Alabama State University (ASU)

ASU Institutional Official

Office of Research Integrity

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