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Director of Biomedica Research & Training Programs

Dr. Napier.jpg

Dr. Audrey Napier, PhD
Director of Biomedical Research and Training &
Acting Director of Biomedical Research
& Training Programs
Location: Science Building Room 206
Phone: (334) 229-4301
Fax: (334) 229-4288

The Biomedical Research and Training Programs Office were established by the university in order to provide support services to the various programs and organizations geared toward biomedical sciences.

These services include but are not limited to the following:

1) Work with science faculty researchers, undergraduate and graduate science majors to identify grant applications, fellowships and summer internships that are suitable for their area and level of research.
2) Assist (at an appropriate level) in development of grant proposals by faculty researchers, undergraduate and graduate science majors.
3) House information regarding the various researches and training programs, as well as information on institutional research committees (such as Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Institutional Biosafety Committee, Institutional Review Board, and other as appropriate).
4) Serve as a clearing house that ensures adherence to applicable agency and University guidelines in the planning, preparation and submission of grant applications.
5) Serve as an advocate for the research capacities of the Biomedical Research and Training Programs.
6) Receive and sort student applications, coordinate seminar and activity calendars for the year, communicate with external science authorities.

The activities of the Biomedical Research and Training Programs Office are directed by Dr. Audrey Napier. Dr. Napier is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and also serves as the Co-Director of the Office of Research Development (RIMI Program). She is an ASU alumnus having received her B.S. degree in Biology currently serves as the subproject principle investigator (PI) on a RIMI funded grant and Co-PI on a MBRS funded grant. Her research focus is mainly centered on regulation of gene expression during early development.




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