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Occupational Therapy: Educational Goals

Graduates of Alabama State University Occupational Therapy Program will:

  1. Expand scholastic skills for personal, occupational, and professional growth.
  2. Develop a dedication to life-long learning and commitment to public/community service.
  3. Demonstrate professional behaviors that are congruent with the core values and code of ethics and standards of the occupational therapy profession.
  4. Utilize the occupational therapy practice framework as a guide for decision making regarding patient care and outcomes.
  5. Use evidence based practice as a means to identify and guide best occupational therapy practice.
  6. Examine the impact of physical, social, temporal, cognitive, psychological, spiritual, environmental, and cultural contexts that impact occupational performance.
  7. Evaluate and develop goals and intervention plans in conjunction with the client, their support system, and other healthcare team members to provide a comprehensive, holistic and client-centered approach to care.
  8. Understand the importance of advocacy and promotion of the occupational therapy profession, as well as the role of other health professionals and the importance of the interprofessional team.
  9. Participate as consumers and producers of research.
  10. Be competent as an entry level therapist with the ability to work in a diverse healthcare delivery system and appreciate the different roles of occupational therapists working in varying healthcare systems.
  11. Be competent in communication skills, leadership, and critical thinking.
  12. In some instances, represent the pool of under-represented minorities in the field of occupational therapy.

These educational goals are dynamic and interdependent of each other. Throughout the educational process, the program strives to provide a firm support system, nourish each student as a whole person, and draw upon and strengthen students' cultural and academic roots so that they may be transplanted to any environment and adapt to varied applications of occupational therapy practice.


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