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Nathaniel Allen


  • Art Appreciation
  • Visual Thinking
  • Drawing I and II
  • Mixed Media


  • BFA in Painting, Michigan State University
  • MFA in Painting, University of Mississippi
  • (Pending) ME in Curriculum and Instruction with Emphasis in Educational Technology, Tennessee State University


“My intention as an art educator is to be creative, empowering and supportive. I demonstrate and encourage critical thinking, a positive attitude, honesty, empathy and civility. I believe in helping students learn to see and create with patience and precision. I motivate my students to expand their artistic skills through observation, exploration and practice.

My goals are achieved through in-class and homework assignments, demonstrations, lectures, PowerPoint presentations, films, group critiques, assigned readings, and class discussions. I facilitate the development of critical thinking by providing technically and conceptually challenging assignments, honest feedback, examples and encouragement. Students are guided towards developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for the communicative power of art as it applies to their personal interests.

In teaching it is my intention (1) to facilitate student experimentation and the acquisition of technical skills that can be applied to their practice of creating artwork; (2) to empower students with the vocabulary to analyze and intelligently discuss artwork; and (3) to help students discover ways of representing their own ideas and interests using the tools and techniques of visual arts. It is a great concern to me that students understand the practical applications of artistic training; the varieties of employment in the field and the skills needed to develop professionally. I believe that my approach to teaching art provides guided experience with creative practices that can broaden the outlook and enhance the abilities of any willing student.”


“I think art is a contagious means of visually manifesting dreams, ideas and emotions. The majority of my work has focused on the unification of diverse and often contradictory symbols, ideas and emotions. I enjoy alternating techniques and projects. I believe good art should communicate sincere concentrated effort and spiritual energy; it should resonate with those who come into contact with it.” N. Allen

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