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Charmagne Andrews


  • Art Appreciation
  • Art History Survey I and II
  • Sculpture I- IV
  • Introduction to African American Art
  • Basic Design II

MFA in Sculpture, Michigan State University
BA in Fine Art, Xavier University of Louisiana
27 hours of History of Art Michigan State University



“My approach to teaching is as a component of a partnership where both student and teacher bring experiences and perspectives to be shared, heard, and respected. It is a collaboration whose two-fold goal is to build a foundation of ideas, knowledge, and techniques through a process which encourages critical examination and problem solving. Varied learning styles of students are addressed in the use of a broad range of teaching strategies and techniques.

My role as a teacher is to assess student levels and expectations, facilitate the learning process, and provide feedback and motivation. Former art instructors modeled three important teaching strategies which I practice. Look into the faces of the student to see their understanding or more importantly to see when they do not. Create a wide range of problem solving activities which will achieve the desired learning outcomes.   Continuously add to and modify them. Lastly, give as much positive feedback as possible while pointing out how to improve. My social work training has been a tremendous help to me to be a teacher who listens actively to students and provides appropriate responses.

My mission as a teacher is to guide students through partnership to become computer literate, lifelong learners, who are keepers of culture and interdependent citizens of the world. My goals are to promote student engagement in critical thinking, listening, and viewing; provide opportunities for improvement in written and oral communication skills; to provide opportunities to increase visual awareness; and to guide students through the creative process by providing them the tools and visual vocabulary to make their own visual statements.

Technology is used in the classroom as much as possible. I find this is a good way to aid in addressing varied learning styles of students. I create PowerPoint presentations with text and image and use music when appropriate. Blackboard is used in some way for all of my courses. I use it for recordkeeping and some student assessments. I find it very valuable for posting course materials and resources, internet links, and most particularly, visual images that student can access. Although, I have a good working knowledge, I would like to learn more techniques for using technology in the classroom.

My personal goals revolve around creating and teaching art. I am acutely aware that visual art is a low priority in education, while research shows that students who are exposed simultaneously to basic subjects and the arts and humanities are high achievers (score better on standardized tests) and more holistic individuals. I am committed to the effort to increase the number of working and teaching artists with the hope that in the future every school will have an art program and every primary and secondary teacher is adept at arts integration in the classroom.

Most importantly, one of my major goals is to continue to explore my own creative process through work with two and three dimensional media. One long range plan is to create a series of cast metal works. Another long range plan is to develop more peer relationships as a source of connection to a greater art community and milieu. I feel these are important to my growth as an artist and a teacher. For me it is both stimulating and inspirational to be able to converse and share ideas and experiences with other teachers and artists.”



“My first exposure to African and African-American art was awe-inspiring. These works resonated within me emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Through researching my interests in masks, metal working and textiles, I found inspiration for my art works in drawing, cast metal, handmade paper, and large quilt-like forms. My approach to art combines my research interests with art making. While I use various media, the content of my work focuses on the cultures of Africa and the Diaspora. They are meant to be aesthetically pleasing as well as informative. My works celebrate the various cultural elements and how they are continuously transformed and transmitted. I feel that creating works like this is a part the responsibility of my chosen role as a keeper of culture.” C. Andrews

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